The Making of a Great Sandwich.


Here’s my approach. Well, before I get to that, let me just say that I have personal and professional credentials of a great sandwich maker. What do sandwiches and NBA basketball have to do with each other? Well, more than just Mayo I promise. Yes, the pun was intended.


The main ingredient of a sandwich is bread. Not one of the most important ingredients but the most important one. It must be freshly baked and preferably still warm.  Bread that is even a day old or high in fiber just won’t do. If you are going for regularity stick to Metamucil.


How do you build a sandwich? Well there are 5 steps, or 6 if you want to be overly precise.

1. Start with a bottom portion of a bun, bagel or your preferred fresh bread.

2. Then place a nice slice of good quality cheese.

3. Meat, a combination of meats or cold cuts is next.

4. Place crisp, fresh vegetables, lettuce, tomato, cucumber at the minimum.

5. Top with a crisp bread, hopefully with baked in seasoning or sesame seeds.


6. Final step, select your dressing, if you prefer one.


No matter how great your  2, 3, 4 and 6 steps are, or how much you paid for those ingredients your sandwich is a failure if your bread sucks. 1 and 5 are the most important. Imagine having the best cheese, beautiful prime rib ½ inch cut and fresh crisp farm vegetables. If they are packed between two stale, slightly wet FiberMax crackers it will go down hard and be a major disappointment. I call that a Heatles Surprise sandwich.

Just like a sandwich without 1 and 5 (bread baby) is merely a basketball team without a 1 and 5 (PG and Center) is a pretender.

 How does the Bulls sandwich, a Rose Special compare to the Heatles Surprise. Well, 1 and 5, the bread is perfect, as good as you can get it at the store. The cheese, is bland, a simple yellow slice of generic cheese, that passes for cheese though. Meat is deng good, even though it is not as good as a ½ inch cut prime rib, I’ll take a good serving of rare roast beef any time. Vegetables are as good and crisp as the Heatles Surprise.

Last but not least are the dressings and condiments. We’ve got some foreign flavors, some old and reliable ones too. However, my favorite is the Hot Sauce. It’s always hits the spot halfway through the Rose Special and goes great with a Brew(er).

What does the Heatles Surprise have? Well not much, the Mexican dressing has been discontinued (did not mix well) and all that is left is the House dressing. I’ll pass. More will be needed for me to swallow the wet, stale FiberMax encased goodness. If you are full of it, however, then you may want to got for the Heatles Surprise as it does have many properties of Metamucil .

Come early June, the Rose Special will be the flavor of the season.




Some may prefer Mayo on their sandwiches. It apparently is available for a price. I, personally, am not a Mayo person, never was, as it makes me physically ill. However, I understand the value of it. Even though always a risky choice for any sandwich, as it sometimes can take over and overwhelm an otherwise great balance of flavor. If others, however, do want some Mayo, that’s fine, I can eat around it.


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