2010-2011 Game Preview #51: Bulls at Utah Jazz

[Thanks to BananaReel for today's game preview. Game is on at 8 on the dreaded CSNChicagoPLUS -ed.]

i.e.: Carlos Boozer vs. The Utah Jazz

Here it is, Carlos Boozer walks into Utah to face his old friends and fans. I have been looking forward to this game since the start of the season, and not just because I think Boozer is going to go off. The other big storyline in this game is Derrick Rose vs. Deron Williams. Before we look at these great matchups let's take a look at where these point guards have their teams thus far.

The Bulls enter this game on a 2 game losing streak (there goes the season) while the Jazz come in with a win over the awe-inspiring Kings. Both teams are a healthy 3-2 heading into this match-up, and seem to be about as evenly matched as you can get. The only thing that worries me is that historically the Jazz have one of the best home-court advantages in the NBA.

Matchups after the jump (and sorry for the long read! )

Let's start big and go small, which means....

"Big" Al Jefferson vs. Big Sexy!

Completely healthy we win this match up, but with Big Sexy playing the man in the middle I'm not so sure. Al Jefferson was basically given to Utah for free by the Timberwolves, and has basically been performing as expected so far this season. He is averaging at 17 points, 9 boards, and 2 blocks a game so far this year and has been a strong big presence on offense for the Jazz. That being said I think he struggles a bit against Big Sexy tonight. That being said Advantage=Jazz

Paul "General" Millsap vs. Sir Carlos Boozington

This is the match up of the night in my opinion. Boozer vs. his heir. The reason they felt comfortable letting Mr. Spin Cycle leave Utah. Carlos gets to face someone that is actually worse on defense than he is. Millsap has been good this season averaging 17 and 8. Boozer though is still doing what he always does, averaging 20 and 10, and this is the game I think he dominates more than any other. The Jazz have one of the worst defensive front courts and I think Boozer is going to have himself a feast tonight. Advantage=Booooooooooooozer

Andrei "AK47" Kirilenko vs. Luol "Sudanese Breeze" Deng

AK47 and Deng do a lot of really similar things for their teams. Both are third/fourth options on offense, possibly the best defense player on the team, and contribute a lot of stuff that the stat sheets can't capture.  If this were 3 years ago AK47 would win this match up in a land slide. While AK47 used to be great (2nd in NBA history in 5 by 5s) he has taken a huge step backwards these last few years. Deng is having his best year ever and wins this match-up, Advantage=Bulls

Raja "Saved by the" Bell vs.Keith"Baked Potato" Bogans

In an ideal world we wouldn't have to watch these old dudes ball against each other, but here it goes anyways. Both guys do exactly the same things for their teams. With one exception, Raja can still ball (well kind of). Raja averages over twice as many points as Bogans at 8.2, and hits the three ball at 35% clip with people actually guarding him (something we don't get to see out of a SG). On an off night Raja still takes this match-up, Advantage=Jazz

D. Will vs. D. Rose

Before this season started I would have laugh if someone had told me D. Rose would be in D. Will's league. D. Will was my pick for best PG in the league before this season start, and to be honest still might be. D. Will puts up 22 and 9.5 night and night out, and while Rose is doing incredible (MVP MVP MVP) at 24 and 8 I think he is still a tad bit behind D. Will for title of leagues' best PG. With that being said I don't see Rose having any problem blowing by the Jazz's slow interior defenders and bigger perimeter guys for another big night. Advantage=DRAW!


The Jazz have some talented scorers coming off the Bench in Okur and Miles, but I just don't see them outplaying Brewer, Korver, and Taj. Looking forward to seeing Asik vs. Okur in an old vs. new Turkish throwdown. Advantage=Bulls


Thibs vs. Sloan. As good as Thibs has been this season not to give this to Sloan would be an insult. Advantage=Jazz

At the end of the night I see a much needed victory, and predict a Bulls win on the back of The Booze Cruise tonight. 92-86.


Talk some trash over at SLC Dunk, SON!

This is my first fanpost so again, sorry if I messed this up. Hope you guys enjoyed it.

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