The Bulls Have to be the Third Wheel

For this team to make any significant upgrade at the SG spot, like we would like, they are going to have to use their assets as sweetener in someone else's bigger deal.  Yea, we could have some guys who might be slight improvements; like Parker, Rush, Webster, or C. Brewer, with the 1st round pick and our leftovers. All better than Bogans, but not really by much considering all things. The only way to make a straight up trade with another team to get the "big fish" at SG, would involve sending out one of core players.  Ideally, you want to keep Taj, Korver, Brewer, Asik, and even Watson (unless you can get a solid PG in return too)

The guys that we really want :

Courtney Lee -- perfect fit, but Houston is going to want a big for him and I definitely wouldn't give them Asik or Taj and a 1st, and I wouldn't do Taj or Asik for him straight up.

OJ Mayo -- not a perfect fit, but could become a very nice one, but again Memphis will be looking for a big man to help the load of not resigning ZBo this offseason. 

JR Smith -- he would be a perfect fit, if not for the attitude concerns.  But his contract is too large for a staright up deal, and Denver AGAIN wants a big.

Rudy Fernandez -- I don't think the Blazers are going to let him walk, with the injury to Roy.

(Sleeper) Shannon Brown -- the Lakers GM is talking about changes, but they aren't going to trade him for our 1st, JJ and expiring Bogans

The Bulls need to be aware of other teams targets and use the 1st, expirings (Bogans and Scals), and young potential (JJ) to help a team make a splash.  Cleveland, Sacramento, NJ, and Toronto are the teams you want to get attached to.  Especially Cleveland, just from the owner's behavior, you would think he wouldn't mind helping us get stronger just to stop Lebron, while he adds some assets to his team and tries to stop the bleeding. 

Here are a couple of examples of my thinking:

Shannon Brown -- LA / CLE /CHI

We throw our 1st LA in this deal.  Lakers grab Antawn for the stretch run, get rid of Artest and the oft-injured Bynum.  Pick up Hickson as a young big, and JJ as a young SF still on rookie contracts.  Cavs get a man in the middle, who when healthy is an impact performer.  Solid SF in Artest, who should bring his A game now that he'd be a main part of the offense.  And two cuttables to save money.  Bulls get a solution to the SG spot in Parker/Brown/Brewer/Korver, that rotation gives you everything you want.

Courtney Lee -- HOU / SAC / CHI

We throw our 1st to HOU in this one.  Rockets grab the big men they desire, in Dalembert and Landry, with both being expirings.  Solid PG to team with Lowry, and JJ who they can put out at SF, behind Buddinger and Battier(who is an expiring).  Kings get a PG to team with Evans in an uptempo offense, and big expiring contracts in Yao, Jeffries, and Bogans.  Jeffries could start for them at SF for the rest of the season.  Bulls get a solution at SG and back up SF. 

OJ Mayo -- MEM / CLE / CHI

Give a 1st to the Grizz in this one.  MEM gets rid of ZBo, who from my understanding that aren't too keen on resigning.  Gets a vet PF to team with Gay and Gasol in Jamison, along with a nice young PF in Hickson.  The rest are all expirings.  Cavs get a PF to build their offense around, a C to potentially build the defense around, and a SF that may potentially be a nice inside/outside threat.  Bulls get Mayo


The beauty of all these trades is the weaker team either SAC or CLE needs our 1st and filler to make the salaries work and balance out the trade.  That's the kind of forward thinking we'll need if we want one of these guys.

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