Why Courtney Lee will be a Bull and other SGs won't

[From the FanPosts. Solid reasoning to me. The Bulls often preach flexibility but they also like their roster (as they should), so combining that, their current tradeable contracts, and a future creeping towards the luxury tax (with a new CBA and Rose extension looming) and they don't have that many options. The question becomes would you deal future draft picks to help this season, and to me the answer is yes. Even that mythically-valuable Charlotte pick, as I'm not forward-thinking enough to worry about Boozer's replacement just yet -ed.]

So first, let's think through some "Why these guys won't happen" scenarios:

Their teams are shooting for the playoffs (or better) and don't want to dump them for less than a market return (which we can't offer and still win the trade ourselves):
* Iggy, Joe Johnson, Jamal Crawford, OJ Mayo. Sorry.

These guys are over the hill, and/or so expensive as to make a trade impractical given their contracts (we'd have to give up too many important pieces to get them):
* Steven Jackson
* Rip Hamilton
* Michael Redd

These guys are probably obtainable, but not at the right cost. And these guys aren't that good:
* Fran Garcia- has three years left on his deal, and I think the Bulls would only take a guy with that sort of deal if they were getting a guy who was a very obvious long-term fit. Garcia is a nice player when healthy, but aging and injury prone.
* JR Smith- Expiring contract, but one that's big enough that we'd have to give up a rotation player to get him, so we'd just be trading one hole for another.

These are the guys I think might be realistic to think about, because they have the following combination of traits: 
1. Their contract is short enough that if we don't want them around in a couple years, they'll be off the books.
2. Their contract is small enough that we don't need to trade one of our main rotation players to get them.
3. Their current team is either so far out of it, or so deep at their position that the player in question is not playing very much, and the team would credibly prefer future savings/draft pick/James Johnson to continuing to have that player.

Courtney Lee - I'd give up either Asik or one of our picks+JJ for him. Maybe Asik + our pick if we really don't have any other options and it'll get it done. Rep as a good defender and smart player. Has developed into a good three point shooter. Basically, a better, younger version of Bogans. Might be a long term solution. Would Houston give him up? Well, their whole franchise is Kevin Martin at the moment, so when is Lee ever gonna get anywhere there?

Martell Webster - JJ/Bogans/Scal for Webster. Not even giving up a pick. Why? Because the TWolves are awful it'll knock his $5.2M salary off the books in exchange for JJ's $1.8M. Most noted for being the guy the Blazers basically gave up Deron Williams to get, and for being pretty injury prone. A big guard who's athletic but not super agile. Very good spot up shooter. Think Dennis Scott. Would space the floor something awesome. Downside is he might not defend much better than Korver. Upside is that we get another shooter at a low cost, and quantity has a quality all its own.

Brandon Rush - The Pacers are shooting for the playoffs, so I'm not sure they'd do this, but Rush has fallen entirely outside of the rotation behind Dunleavy, Paul George, and Dahntay Jones. Rush has amazing basketball tools. He's a very good shooter, athletic, and can defend. He'll have a stretch of spectacular play, then he'll utterly disappear. His head is full of rocks and weed smoke. I'd offer JJ to get him, because Rush is a much better fit, and because I think the rest of this team has little chance of being poorly influenced by him and some chance of positively influencing him. And because we don't seem willing to use JJ anyway. Or Bogans for Rush straight up to save the Pacers money. 

So anyway, I think these are the gettable prospects. Maybe there are a couple other ones out there that I've missed. Not DeMar DeRozan though, he's poop. I think they all offer an upgrade in the quality of minutes they can provide over Bogans, and I think the cost for all is a reasonable one. That being said, I don't see any of them, aside from Lee, as a very likely longer-term answer to our problem. That is, if you tell me Brandon Rush is getting minutes for the rest of the year, instead of Keith Bogans, I'm happy. To a lesser extent, that's true of Webster as well. Lee... I can see it working a little better although I'm not 100% sure of it working.

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