Forget the Trade Deadline, Lets talk Draft!!!

Bojan Bogdanović highlights (via CroatBasketball)

So in two days its going to be the trade deadline, so you know what that means, LETS START TALKING ABOUT THE DRAFT!!!!


To be fair this draft kinda, really sucks. The guy everyone thought was going to be Lebron part deuce, Harrison Barnes, is struggling to separate himself from his other lottery peers...but as Bulls fans why should that even matter to us, since we wont be anywhere near the lottery come draft time. Instead the guy i want to focus on is Bojan Bogdanovic.

Okay, so he isnt the sexiest name out there (actually, thats a pretty ugly name...) but hes projected to go late 1st round (like pick number 28) which is ultimately where we will be drafting (if we are drafting), unless we end up trading our pick for some cheap bogans replacement (which seems to be more and more unlikely now).

Bojan, as you can tell by his name, is a Euro prospect shooting guard. Hes fairly young at 21, and at 6'7 has impressive size. He doesnt seem like a very athletic player at all, so forget about him being the next manu or anything. He is however a shooter. 60% of his fgs last year came from behind the arc, and its been his rise to fame. He has gotten better at scoring in more versatile ways, but that seems to be his bread and butter, his shot.

He also (according to draft express) has the ability to drive very well to his left or right, and can handle the ball nicely. He can change speeds, he has a nice first step (again according to draft express) in other words he can be a nice prototypical sg for this team.

Defensively he will probably need quite a lot of work, but in thibs system he might flourish (magical dust and all).

He probably wont evolve to anything much more than a rotation player, but i believe he can be more productive than bogans on this team. He also can play sf to help deng take a breather as well.

So going into this draft thats who i would like the bulls to pick, as always gripe and post your own draft prospects below.

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