Trade Scenario

I emailed a question to K.C. Johnson about this trade possibility. For length reasons the question put in the paper was without some of the better points I made, but now I am here to get some legitimate feedback. I proposed that the Bulls hop in as the 3rd team with any Nuggets-?-Bulls possibility.

It is apparent that the Nuggets are trying to shed Chauncey Billups' contract, but he has requested that if the Knicks or Nets acquire him they buy out his contract. If the Bulls were to send something along the lines of Ronnie Brewer and a 1st rounder to Denver, simply for the return of Chauncey, why would Denver say no? Before anybody gets bent out of shape about the idea, consider a few things.

1.) Chauncey played SG in high school and College so it is not as if you are trying to play a definite ball handler/distributor at the 2.

2.) DRose credits playing with Chauncey this summer on team USA as a great learning experience. Getting that veteran experience next to Rose would help his already impressive transformation into an MVP caliber player. Keep in mind, having those two would give a lot of options. Scenarios for DRose bringing the ball up while Chauncey tries to break free of his mine would work equally well if Chauncey brought the ball up and let Rose work open.

3.) Don't overlook how perfect of a fit Chauncey is in that position on the Bulls either. Chauncey is a sniper outside, plays defense and maybe most importantly plays extremely smart.

If anyone questions Chauncey's willingness to relinquish point guard responsibilities, think about his situation in Denver. He already plays with a guy who probably handles the ball as much if not more than himself. Consider that DRose actually thinks about getting other guys involved, as opposed to Melo who seemingly is only concerned with himself.

It may be a stretch, it may not be even close to remotely possible, but maybe it would be exactly what they need.

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