Is Asik more valuable than Taj?

Could we give up Taj before Asik all of a sudden?

I heard this notion thrown around recently, That Asik may be more valuable than Taj Gibson.


The thinking goes, we keep the length, youth and potential of Asik, Noah comes back, KT as 3rd option and we make a move for an SG with Taj, who seems to have a decent market value, or at least a good rep around the league as a hard worker and solid defender. This value could net us a starting SG upgrade and we'll be on our way to the Finals.

I wont lie, I'm starting to come around to this way of thinking. I do perceive that Taj has decent value around the league, If we could shop him around in a multi team deal, maybe acquire Lee or Thornton or Mayo.
Dangle cash or Picks? etc

Something like this ?

Core of the deal being Lee, Brooks, Taj and Bynum, with cash releif and youth for Detroit?

What everyone gets

Houston receives a good replacement for Brooks, who’s causing a little trouble over there, and the addition of Taj Gibson's defensive boost.

 N.O acquires a good backup for CP3……and a …uhhh......veteran SG to....uhhh... help with defense and stuff.


Bulls get some depth at SG\PG, take on Budinger for salary sake, but he's a decent young guy as a 3rd option, might be a little hard hat lunch pail too? ;)

And finally, like I said, cap/cash relief and some youth for Detroit in the form of JJ and draft 2011 draft pick, plus a cigar to sweeten the deal.


The deal above is not important, just an example of what I'm talking about.

Although I'd do it in a heartbeat, the other teams may not agree so quickly.


Was just interested in what the rest of you thought.....

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