Bulls avoid Bone heads, but maybe not JR Smith in summer?

I read some of this on realgm but it's Mike McGraw dropping JR Smith's name. This is the guy I have been politicking for on here. (Even if it's for my Chicago Bulls fanboy pride) JR Smith is my Dennis Rodman or my vision for this era's Bulls. If that makes sense.  Anyways here is some of the good stuff about the Bulls and their unwillingness to take chances on problematic players. 


According to NBA Fanhouse, DeMarcus Cousins wanted the ball down low and got into an altercation with teammate Donte Greene in the locker room. Greene threw the inbounds pass and, apparently, Cousins felt the pass went to the wrong player.

Cousins was later removed from the team plane and inactive for Sunday’s game in Phoenix. So the Kings essentially acknowledged the incident.

How does this relate to the Bulls? Well in some ways, it helps explains why coach Tom Thibodeau prefers to keep a model citizen like Keith Bogans in the lineup instead of trading for a questionable personality.

I’ve heard NBA scouts talk about how Cousins had blowups with his Kentucky coaches in most every game last season. My experience is when troubled and talented are words used to describe an NBA player, trouble usually wins out.

There have been guys who found trouble and turned out to be solid players, such as Dennis Rodman, Ron Artest or Jason Williams. Attacking a teammate who didn’t throw you the ball wasn’t part of their rap sheet, though.

The Bulls know they need an upgrade at shooting guard, but will have to think long and hard about bringing in guys like Denver’s J.R. Smith or Memphis’ O.J. Mayo, two players with NBA suspensions in their past.

That doesn’t mean the Bulls wouldn’t bite, though. They also believe the right guy can be heavily influenced by strong teammates. Smith will be a tempting addition when he hits the open market this summer.

Yeah he's had his issues in the past but I feel like this kid has '' stayed clean'' enough to be given a shot with the Bulls. I believe he's matured enough that he could help put the Bulls seriously be considered title worthy. Not that they can't get there this season.. I just don't see it once Boston gets healthy. 

Offensively the Bulls have really struggled and I realize part of that is due to Noah being injured as strange as it sounds. But I have watched a lot of Nuggets games this season and he's got something the Bulls can use and thats a wing who can create his own shot with the game on the line. Something BG7 did in Derrick's first season. 

So maybe the Bulls make a minor move this season for Anthony Parker who might be slightly better then Bogans. Or they deal for Courtney Lee..  maybe Taj Gibson or Asik for Courtney Lee?(I wouldn't)

 Then sign JR Smith this summer. Suddenly the Bulls SG position becomes fairly solid with Lee, Smith and Korver. All can shoot the three along side Rose. 

Or just stand pat and sign Smith this summer. 

Rose/ Watson/ 2011 draft pick

JR Smith/ Korver

Deng/ Brewer

Boozer/ Taj

Noah/ Asik

To me thats a pretty solid fist and second unit around Derrick Rose. Maybe they bring back Kurt Thomas for one last go around. Just imagine... Here are some vids on the dude.


Rose and Smith backcourt would be freakishly athletic. Anyways nice to see MY GUY!!!!( high Mike North voice) getting a mention.  But like I've said he's no saint but I have been pleased with what I have seen from him in his limited role with the Nugs. I think his game would explode next to Derrick Rose. 


Then draft a young PG  that Thibs will never let off the bench. Ok thanks for reading this. 

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