What's Our Best Option?

With my excitement over the season actually being played and this shortened offseason, I like most of you, have been scouring the internet for any Bulls related rumors. Who will we grab to fill out that SG spot? While searching, I ran across this write up on Bulls Confidential, it basically lists all the names we've been attached to this offseason. And from looking at it, it would seem like Gar Paxsdorf have a couple of plans in mind.

I would like to see what you guys think would be the best option, hence the name of my post. So I'm going to throw out a couple of possibilities from what we know and from what I read in the article. Feel free to add your own to the discussion.

There are 3 names that would seem to fit. OJ Mayo, Arron Afflalo, and Nick Young, the latter two are restricted free agents, but seeing as though we only have the MLE to use, trading for them is more realistic. Then you have the old standby in Courtney Lee. If we go after Arron, it would seem like Taj would have to be included in those deals. And maybe that's why we've shown the interest in Shawne Williams. I'm not sure if Taj would hold any value for MEM in a Mayo trade, since they have the same type of player on their bench already in Arthur. It would seem like Asik may be the man on the move in that scenario. And WAS already has young bigs in McGee, Blatche, Booker, and Seraphin, so I really don't see them needing any bigs. Of course, we already know HOU wants Asik for Lee.

So which trade would you make? and which is most realistic?

1. OJ Mayo for Korver, Asik, and our 1st rd pick. I put Korver in, because looking at their roster they have a Brewer clone in Allen, and a young complete SG in Henry, but no sharpshooters.

2. Arron Affalo for Taj, Brewer, and our 1st rd pick. This seems to be the best option for us IMO. Nuggets get a PF to put in between Nene and Gallo, and a starting quality defensive SG to put next to Lawson and Miller.

3. Nick Young for Korver, Watson, and our 1st rd pick. This one seems like the most realistic. I'm pretty sure Jordan Crawford will be their starting SG this year, at least from all the promotions they've done. I live in the DC area, and he and John Wall were the poster boys for the new uniforms they'll be wearing this year. Getting Watson gives them someone capable of backing up Wall, and Korver gives them the shooter to space the floor for Wall. Plus, I figure they owe us for giving them Capt. Kirk and our 1st for basically nothing a few years back lol.

I'm going to go with option #3, which saves our big man depth. After trading for Young, you go out and sign Caron Butler to back up the SF spot, and pick up TMac to run the point for the 2nd unit. TJ Ford would also be an option at the backup PG spot, and really both could be brought in at the vet minimum. I chose TMac, just because of the matchup potentials.

You end up with a team that looks like this:
First Unit: DRose / Nick Young / Deng / Boozer / Noah
Second Unit: TMac / Brewer / Caron Butler / Taj / Asik
Deep Reserves: TJ Ford, Jimmy Butler, Kurt Thomas

That's a pretty good looking team, with a nice mixture of youth and vets. Definitely, a challenger for the championship this year.

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