Funny Posts from Blog a Bull's past

So I was playing 2k11, and I wanted to look at something on Blog a Bull. I opened up google and typed in blogabull. In google's auto-fill, one of the first suggestions was "blogabull joe johnson". This made me wonder what some of the old posts on the site were, as I havn't been a member here forever. I did a few google searches and found some funny stuff. Iphone screenshots after the jump.


Notice the tweet by KC Johnson. WTF is Pargo doing? Did he really demand more playing time??



Here, this guy calls the Miami thing in February 2010! IIRC, that's way before ESPN or anybody else ever brought them up as a potential landing spot. I don't even remember them being mentioned as a cap space team, all I remember hearing about, prior to free agency starting, was us, the Knicks, and the Nets.


Last year, most Bulls fans were convinced we had a good shot against the Heat in a playoff series. Seems we weren't thinking that way before it became official. Here are people saying that no team in the league could compete with Wade/James/Bosh. It also has somebody saying he'd be happy with David Lee and Rudy Gay.


Apparently before Sin had his mouth firmly suckling Carmelo Anthony's cusp, he was hoping that the Bulls left the draft with Michael Beasley and not Derrick Rose. Let's go ahead and always assume he is wrong about everything from now on. The "no one wants Beasley" post also reminds us that had the Timeberwolves not traded for that meatball, the Miami big 3 likely wouldn't have been able to happen. Who knows how things would have turned out then.

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