Kind of Unconventional Trade Idea(s) Thread

We all have been disappointed with the Bulls play over the last couple of weeks.  With Noah being out a slight downturn had to be expected, but still these losses have been discouraging if you thought the Bulls were among the first tier in the East.  Boston has lost Rondo and Garnett and when they have at least 1, they keep chugging along.   We've seemed to have hit a speed bump.  Yet I think this period has also been illuminating.  Without Noah, it is allowed to examine some other parts of our roster.  We now know...

1.  Kurt Thomas isn't completely done, but he's close.  He played well over the first couple of games he was inserted into the starting lineup, and he matches up well with big, physical centers.  But if his jumper isn't falling, he a complete train wreck on offense and he can't move his feet worth a damn so he is mostly useless as a help defender even if he knows where he should be.

2.  Bogans sucks in every way possible.  We have a gigantic hole at the 2 guard which Ronnie Brewer and Korver cannot fill, although one of them should at least get a chance. 

3.  Thibs values defense above all else.  To the point where he will ignore obvious offensive deficiencies in the hope of getting a smidgen more defense on the floor. You either bow to that or idiot proof the lineup so decisions like Bogans starting can't be made.

4.  Rose still needs help.  He is carrying too much of the perimeter burden.

5.  Deng will either be an Iron Man this season or explode into a million pieces like Mr. Glass.


So some trade ideas to help out Thibs, this roster, and my boredom...  These trades aren't all that unconventional.  Just names we haven't really heard thrown around before.


1.  Ben Gordon and Dajuan Summers for Kyle Korver, Bogans, JJ and Kurt Thomas.

Bulls move Brewer to the starting lineup and use BG as the main scorer off the bench for 25 minutes a game.  He only has 3 years left on that contract and he is the type of player who can give you 15 pts off the bench and come up big in key moments.  The Bulls could use 2 guys like that, you are allowed to have more than just 1.  I have no idea who Dajuan Summers is. I'd rather they throw in Jerebko, even though he is out for the season, but I don't think they'd do that.  You can also have Terrico White too, another guy who I have never heard of.  Bulls would be thin up front until Noah got back, but long term Kurt Thomas isn't the answer to anything but a Knicks trivia question.  He can be replaced by a D League all-star.

2. Luol Deng and Taj Gibson for Omri Casspi, F. Garcia, C. Landry, J. Thompson.

I know Deng defenders and Gibson lovers will be upset, and perhaps rightly so.  But this trade gives the Bulls considerable moving parts, more outside shooting and a deeper bench.  Bulls would start Rose, Garcia, Casspi/Brewer, Boozer, Noah.  Off the bench you have Watson, Casspi/Brewer, Korver, Landry, Thompson and Asik.  You have players who you can mix and match, you have a 2nd post scorer, 2 more 3 pt shooters to pair with Rose, and another physical banger.  Would Sacramento do this deal?  It helps establish a more clear rotation with Udrah, Evans, Deng, Taj, Cousins as your clear starters.  You get better defensively immediately.  And Deng is under contract so he can't run away.

With the Bulls do this deal?  Yes, you lose 2 players you value highly.  But you are not committed to as much salary going forward (a Reinsdorf favorite) and I believe in short term its a better team.

3.  3 teamer.  Bulls get James Harden.  OKC gets Anderson Varejao and Leon Powe.  Cleveland gets Omer Asik, JJ, Daquen Cook, Bulls 1st round pick and Charlotte pick. 

Would the Bulls give up a 1st round pick, the Charlotte pick, and Omer Asik to get James Harden?  Probably not, but I would.  I'd probably be willing to give up more.  Harden is exactly the type of guard the Bulls need.  He is a 40% 3pt shooter, he gets to the line, he is a capable defender, and he doesn't need a ton of shots to be effective.  He would fit in really well as our 3rd scorer.

Would OKC give up Harden?  Probably not.  But I heard Chad Ford or somebody speculate about him in a trade for big man help so that got me drooling.  Varejao is the type of defense first, hustle big man they have in Ibaka, but they still need more size down low.  OKC doesn't seem to hip on taking on salary, but I would still try to do something.  I'd offer Asik, Taj, and 2 first rounders straight up.  I don't know if they would bite or not.  

Would Cleveland give up Anderson Varejao and Powe?  They'd be stupid not to.

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