2010-11 Game Preview #34: Bulls at New Jersey Nets

[Thanks to paddyfairview for today's game preview. Early start, 6pm on CSN -ed.]

I'm ready to get back to playing real opponents. I figured Melo would be a Net by the time this game rolled around, but since he isn't, we're likely in for another "win=boring/sloppy, loss=complete disaster" type of game. Saturday in Boston will be the real test, so for now we hope the team doesn't slip and take our story lines where we can get 'em.

Here's one: this game will give us a good idea whether or not it's necessary to add "assuming, of course, Luol Deng's legs don't fall off" to the end of all rest-of-season predictions. It's the second night of a back-to-back against a terrible team - give a guy a break. Yeah, I guess he's our Anchor while Noah is out. Whatever - I'm done questioning Thibs' coaching decisions. The ongoing SG debacle proves he gives less of a fuck than 2pac when it comes to what YOU think. [Since every sports post needs Advanced Statistical Analysis to back up its Claims and Assertions, here is a graph that represents our coach's level of concern over the outrage about starting Bogans.]

In case the Bulls' lackluster performance Friday left you with any doubts, here's how bad Jersey actually is: five of their nine wins have come against Detroit, Sacramento, Cleveland, the Clips, and Washington (combined record: 44-123). They beat Portland (big whup), Memphis (big whup) and Atlanta twice (who knows). Last night they lost to Minnesota (3-1558) by double digits. They don't have Murphy or Morrow.

The Bulls have a nice little win-streak going that could tie the seven game streak set in December if they pull this out and beat Philly on Friday. And that's not all: Noah's return is officially on the horizon. As a result, the chances of Chicago assembling a full-strength starting lineup before the end of the season have officially been upgraded to "technically possible, although it would help if Keith Bogans fell off a cliff". Baby steps.

On the trade front, Taj posted a double-double while O.J. Mayo got punched in the face. You can't make this stuff up.

Oh yeah, lest I forget: SASHA


(Lakers trade Farmar and Vujacic for Steve Blake and Matt Barnes and get worse? Come on, Phil...)

Go talk some........oh hell. They don't need it. NetsDaily

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