A Whole New View of Things

The earlier fanpost breaking down Lu's game, Thib's insistence on playing him ~40 mins/game, and JJ's recent trip down to the D-League got me thinking.  A couple happy hours drinks helped the process. 

I'm still under the impression that this year's 1st round pick is better used in trade instead of keeping until draft time.  One thing has changed, what if we can get a nice vet SF backup (perferably a young established vet).   

Right now with Bogans starting, we get Brewer coming in playing the SF spot and Korver playing SG, or in most cases Deng staying in while the others play the SG.  Korver very rarily plays the SF, at least not defensively, so my hypothesis is trade for a SF that has size and can hit a 3 pointer.  They are way more plentiful than starting quality SG's.

Things I Think I Know:

- Korver or Brewer would be better options as a starting SG than Bogans, with Korver being the better option.  He may not be the guy you want guarding Kobe or D.Wade, but at least he will run them silly off screens.

- Brewer is better off the bench because he can be matched up defensively against the SG or SF, and he works better with at least 1 shooter in the lineup with him. 

- Thibs doesn't trust JJ DEFENSIVELY.  Remember all the quotes from D.Rose? Basically saying that Thibs "didn't care what happened on offense, but you better not mess up on D".  That's why he can't get off the bench.  i'm glad he's lighting things up in the D-League, brings his trade value up.

- Bogans needs to go. 

A couple of names: (with trade proposal linked; all include our 2011 1st round pick)

Grant Hill - Too perfect to be true, for a 2nd half rental

Corey Brewer -  Getting a sleeper in Hayward, wouldn't hurt.

Al Thornton - they would be sending a 2nd our way

Omri Casspi - another one I really like

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