The Perfect Team

So, it now feels like every commentator or writer, regardless of team affinities, is trying to find the Bulls a shooting guard. 

It dawned on me, that if the Bulls obtain a shooting guard that complements our existing core of Noah, Boozer, Deng, and Rose, one that also exemplifies the team-first mentality, that the Bulls might develop into America’s favorite team out of the East. 

The free agent signing period and events in years past have left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth.  Kobe picks up Gasol for near nothing.  Celtics assemble core’s of other teams in a single year.  The Heat assemble 3 from the same draft class, all leaders of their own teams.  Melodrama, DecisionGate, Arenas a contender despite a 48, (we didn’t start the fire, it was always burning, since the world was turning…)

If I were any other team that gets a championship less than once every 2 decades, I would be pretty discouraged from playing this “game”.  No hope in getting stars to come to you, no hope in drafting them and getting them to stay.

But here are the Bulls.  They jettisoned a management favorite for the chance at one of the big 3.  They didn’t get it.  They didn’t complain.  They just went about their business and found the next perfect fit.  They didn’t put all of their eggs in one basket and took a balanced approach with back-up plans.  They had no desire to “just get a big name to bring fans to the game”. 

And here we are.  A starting 5 that boasts 3 drafted players.  The 4th being acquired in free agency for a reasonable sum compared to his production.  We didn’t gut the team and build off of 3 All-stars like the Heat and the Celtics.  We didn’t fleece another team when we heard their star was disgruntled. 

The Bulls offer a blueprint to most teams in the league.  Suck for awhile and accumulate draft picks.  When one of them hits, build around them.  Improve every year, compliment the one player, whether through trade, draft or free agency.  Do this right, taking no major risks that break the bank other than a proven free agency acquisition to complete the roster, and you will be in the playoffs for a few years, with a chance at the title.  (heck, get a Michael and you might get 6)

But if teams just gear up like the Celtics and the Heat, it makes it near impossible to follow this or any other strategy.  Teams that suck and don’t regularly enter the playoffs will have zero chance of accumulating multiple All-Stars in a single swing and will see their efforts lost when they spend years rebuilding only to see the next team assemble their Big 3 in a single year and dominate for years to come.   How can you compete?

The Bulls need to win this year if not for the sole reason of acquiring our pieces traditionally, finding complimentary pieces to home-drafted players.  They are a TEAM with clearly defined roles, and a coach that is getting the absolute best out of everyone (even Bogans, unfortunately).  

We have the potential to be the best 5 person team in the history of the game.  All we need is that shooting guard...

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