Are the Bulls one player away?

Well apparently this is the Bulls soft patch in the schedule because they seem to be playing a ton of home games and playing teams that look ready for the draft. While the Bulls have been half assing through wins against crap ass competition I started to wonder how good are the Bulls?

Like is there a realistic shot at winning the title this season?

I guess it's unknown right now how good this team could be when it's not even a finished product. But the first part of becoming a title contender is believing you can win a freaking title. Or maybe the first part is signing and drafting talent?Then believing. 

While it's nice to hear Rose talk about becoming the MVP and how good that would feel.. thats an individual goal. Don't get me wrong I want him to be the best player in the league but at some point the only thing that should matter is the RING!!!!!!

I want the seventh. I wanna hear Rose say that! The other things will come. 

They always say there is a culture that consumes your team. A winning attitude. Every team builds one. 

I wanna know how much do the Bulls believe they can win a title.. can you see this team winning a title within the next few seasons? Are they one good player away?

Watching the Lakers lose tonight to the Grizzlies and 3 of 4 at home.. watching KG get hurt.. the cream of the NBA is getting old. Of course you always look older when you're losing as an old team. But the blood is in the water these teams like Dallas, SA, Boston, LA can not find a fountain of youth. The 82 will grind you down. Phil Jackson looks more and more like he's ready for the rocking chair where he can polish his damn rings. 

Miami may soon be the NBA's honey pot. But with every great team there comes a rival. Can the Bulls be that team?Are the Bulls a few savvy moves away from a title team? The league is weak right now there is no question. 

But the Bulls must adopt the a champions killer mentality. Thats what sets you apart. Sleep walking through games.. it's time right now to wake up and see what is in front of you. THIS LEAGUE IS FOR THE TAKING!

It's starts with your leader.. Derrick Rose. Still young. He sets the tone and the others will follow. He needs to not give a fuck about being liked. I wanna trophy that tells me people like me? It feels good to be liked? So what!

Win a title son!

Thibs has that Celtic mentality to him where he wants to dominate games and Rose at times.. gets in this mood. Derrick needs to accept that killer cut throat mentality to wanna dominate bad teams. He's been picking his spots. 

The way the league looks now the Bulls are on the brink of becoming a NBA power that could rival Miami in the next few years. I just hope the organization is all in. 

A few good moves away and maybe we could see a banner raised once again.  

Will JR accommodate Rose and spend the money to put the Bulls in title contention for the next
 few years? Most of you will smugly say no but I think deep down JR will do the right thing if it means winning. 

I think it starts now. Beat down the bad teams and your reputation will proceed you. 

Keep this from LeBron!


You maybe the only hope! Become your destiny! Damn it don't ever make me type this again!

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