Mayo for Taj Trade Idea

Sorry in advance for the crappy formatting, can't help it.


Despite Bogans' "hot shooting" recently, we'd all still like an upgrade at the position. Most of us still want or would at least be content with getting OJ Mayo. I think the recent positive drug test should not discourage the bulls front office in trying to obtain him because as far as I can remember, this is his first offense of any kind. He generally seems like a guy who wouldn't come here and be a distraction.


Secondly, DRose works out w/ OJ Mayo in the offseason and it would be safe to assume they have some sort of chemistry together. He is a good enough shooter to space the floor and can occasionally be relied upon to create. You can never have enough guys who can create a bit on their own, as long as they aren't a black hole. In order to gain something however, we have to give up something as well.


Would losing Taj cripple our team? If we make the wrong trade, then yes. But there are places where we can get a solid backup 4 that can give us 20 minutes a night or step in when Boozer gets injured. His best two attributes are Defense and Rebounding, but those are also the two biggest strengths of this team. I don't want to lose Taj for an upgrade at the 2 position, if that's all we're getting. Let's get an upgrade at the 2 and a slight downgrade at the 4.

Bulls get

Darrell Arthur

OJ Mayo

Grizzlies get

Taj Gibson

James Johnson

Keith Bogans

The trade machine says it works and it predicts 2 less wins for each team. Now, I'm not going to speculate on the 2 less wins because I don't know how the computer thinks PER contributes to actual wins.

Why the Bulls make this trade - The bulls would have one of most well rounded starting lineups in the league, right up there with the Lakers and Celtics.

We'd have our superstar point guard who can penetrate, shoot, defend, and create for others.

Our back to the basket post presence.

Our defensive minded center who is a rebounding machine who scores w/o actually using up many possessions.

and both the SG and SF positions can defend, shoot, and create their own shot once in a while.

Off the bench, we would only lose Taj Gibson and gain Darrell Arthur. While I don't think Aruthur's defense is near what Taj brings, Omer should still prevent layups and easy scores when the 2nd unit is out there. I think he can be as much an offensive weapon as Taj is to us right now, and if not, the dropoff is not severe. As far as JJ goes, it's clear Thibs doesn't want to give him a chance. Right or wrong, that is the situation for the foreseeable future. It would be good for the Bulls and JJ if we got something for him right now and he got some playing time.


Why the Grizzlies make this trade - This is Zach randolph's last year as a grizzly. While he's performed very well, I don't see them bringing him back at his age. Right now, Darrell Arthur is their only PF outside of ZBo. Having Taj would give them someone solid to replace Randolph next year as he projects to be a better player than Arthur down the line. Plus, he would fit what they want to do on offense more, as Conley would have a guy to run pick and pop with. Conley's not the type of guy who looks for his own shot and he needs a guy who can drain the mid-range jumper off the pick.

With Mayo not starting, his future in Memphis was already looking bleak. This recent positive test suggests he, now more than ever, needs a fresh start. I don't see Memphis wanting to hold onto him much longer and we know they're not going to find a deal which gives them a player of Taj's skill level and age.

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