The Nerdosphere war against Rose intensifies

Good God almighty, make it stop. Please God, make it stop.

Some gems - Rose is not the MVP, not an all star starter, and best of all...NOT THE BEST PLAYER ON HIS TEAM!?!?!?

Even better - Landry Fields is a better guard than Rose.

Landry. Fields.


At the start of the season Rose wasn’t very good. He improved slightly  for about two weeks before going back to merely being an above average point guard. For the first month and half of the season this team belonged to Noah. When Noah went down with injury it was problematic, but indeed Rose did step up his play and has been playing at star level since the start of December. However, it turns out that Boozer returning to the Bulls in top form was a bigger boost to the Bulls. In fact, it has only been in the last month with both Boozer and Noah experiencing injury that Rose is "leading" his team.

How can this guy type that with a straight face? Isn't that the whole POINT of the MVP award, and what actually separates one candidate from others, when he shows that he can still carry his team to wins without the second and third best players on the squad?


In December Derrick Rose did indeed crack the ranks of the top players in the NBA as well as play better than all the other guards in the East. Still, I think many would argue one week does not an MVP make. He was still second fiddle to Boozer though. Rose has only enjoyed one span of time as the "best player" on his team and it required the top two players to fall to injury. Rose as MVP and the best player on the Bulls looks a little weak to me.

"Second fiddle to Boozer"....the mind can't comprehend this.

One thing that doesn’t look so bad to me though is the All-Star possibility for Rose. In the last month and a half he has indeed been playing as a top guard in the East. The only real issue is that the three guards in front of him currently; Wade, Rondo and Fields are much better guards. So while I do consider Rose an elite guard out East I still can’t consider him worthy of starting the All-Star game.

Let’s make sure to end this on a positive note though. Derrick Rose has been playing like a star guard as of late. He is very easily worth his contract and if he keeps up his play will definitely be worth the extension the Bulls are likely to give him. To say Derrick Rose is not the best player in the league or the best guard out East or the best player on his team is not an insult. I am merely pointing out what others have said; that people are overreacting to Derrick Rose’s play right now. Derrick Rose is very talented and young and is a huge part of his team’s success. However, it would be foolish to give him all of the credit or consider him better than he really is.


P.S. To make sure Arturo is happy, It should also be noted that the deserving starting point guard out East is playing better than Rose with fewer minutes and just as many team injury concerns on his team. Also Rose isn’t clutch. . .

I would just brush this off, except for the fact that these idiots are actually writing books and making money off of this horsecrap. I mean, I'm sorry, but can you seriously read any of that any not have it come across as nothing but pure, unadulterated, certifiably unbelievable hate? Especially the part about "he is worth his contract" and "he should be able to make the All-Star team." The condescension these people have for Rose is unbelievable. And I don't understand what he did to get them furious like this.

Really, I've never seen anything like this before.

And of course, no good nerdosphere post can end without the obligatory ass kissing for Rondo, the Queen Mother.


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