Chris Bosh: Never frustrated, ignorance frustrating


Today Tim Reynolds of the AP reports that Chris Bosh will be out for Miami’s game against the Knicks on Thursday as he continues to recover from the love tap given to him by Omer Asik in the Bulls’ 99-96 victory over the Heat a few weeks ago. Although you may recall that Bosh was frustrated with Asik after the play, Reynolds reveals that “Bosh hasn’t seen replays of the play” during which he was hurt.


Interesting. What was it that Bosh said about the play after the game?


"I wasn't thrilled with the way it happened," Bosh said. "Look at the play again. Like, come on. That's how guys get hurt, that's how serious injuries (happen). You've got watch people's legs. I know guys want to hustle and everything but, you know, we all want to play and provide for our families and be healthy."


Hmm. So Bosh hasn’t taken his own advice; he hasn’t looked at the play again, and can’t know what Asik did—especially since Asik was behind him during the play. Let’s set that aside. Wasn’t Bosh right to argue that health comes first? It’s just basketball—no reason to try to win at all costs, right? Let’s ask Bosh, circa 2009:


“Frustrated? Stop using that word, frustrating,'' Bosh said. “Jesus Christ, where do you all get that word. Use another word. You all got a thesaurus around? I'm not upset. You compete, you play the game, you play to win.”



Huh. Compete, play the game, play to win. Sounds like what Asik was doing. At any rate, we can be sure that Bosh hates the word “frustration.” Bosh even reminded us about his aversion to the F-word in today’s AP article:


“I never get frustrated, man,” Bosh said. “Every day it’s getting better. Getting frustrated doesn’t help. I don’t like to be frustrated. I like to have a good time. I like to be happy. That’s way better.”


So maybe Bosh wasn’t frustrated with Asik after all. I suppose he was just offering friendly advice. Gotcha. But that’s strange… I seem to remember Bosh saying he was frustrated before about something. What was it?...


Bosh was asked if he's regretted any part of deciding to leave the Raptors for the Heat. The answer came quickly, and it had nothing to do with how he's faring on the court. "Me having to call Toronto every month to be like, 'No, that didn't happen. I didn't say that. I didn't mean that,'" Bosh said. “That’s kind of frustrating at times.”


Oh. So Chris Bosh doesn’t say what he says, doesn’t mean what he says. I guess you're officially off the hook, Omer.

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