The Bulls and Possible Paths Towards the Future

With the trade deadline looming, there has been a lot of talks of what the Bulls next move should be, or what should be the goal. Like all Bulls fans, I have also given this concept some thought, but instead of discussing exactly what the Bulls could/should do, instead I'd like to ask others what TYPE of plan they think is best suited for the Bulls. After the Jump, come the plans.

The Financial Plan aka The Reinsdorf Plan:

This plan is all about obtaining financial flexibility by keeping the team salary number as low as possible while also keeping the team competetive enough to draw in fans and media attention. For the Bulls to do this in their current state, it would have to probably entail ridding themselves of Dengs contract, while also willing to trade off either Noah or Boozer (keeping rose is a must no matter what the situation mainly because he is indeed the franchise guy) if a team is willing to trade for them for cheaper assets (i.e. Draft Picks). It also means managing signings to be minimal in cost, so resigning korver or brewer would be out of the question for similar salaries as they are currently making, instead opting to search for either cheaper replacements, or get the player to accept a cheaper contract (which will probably cause said player to go elsewhere). This plan probably does seem the worst, but it has its benefits. With a new CBA just beyond the horizon, this plan would allow the bulls who have a true superstar already to perhaps be one of the few teams who could actually spend money in free agency for when other superstars or proven players emerge while also allowing you to test the capabilities of your franchise player and thus knowing exactly what to surround him with when you do choose to spend the money.


The Stand Pat Planaka The Paxson Plan:

This plan entails very little moving around of the roster. Basically as it is, the Bulls are now a perennial Playoff team and can be argued to be one or at most two good pieces away from contention. While throughout the years the conference standings and strength will continue to change, it is safe to say the bulls will always be hanging around the playoffs if not competing for elite status. The Paxson Plan, as I call it, is all about leaving the roster as it is for the most part. Its all about resigning guys when their contracts expire (korver, brewer, taj, deng) while performing minimal moves in terms of trades, where you may seemingly be giving up more for very little (trade bogans and a 1st round for anthony parker for example, a move where you seem to be giving away a sucky player and an asset for an average veteran player). This Plan focuses strongly on assets like the Bobcats pick since it is dependent on building from the draft more than free agency or the trade market and depends highly on the fact that the current success of the team is not an outlier.


The Knee Jerk Fan Plan aka The Knee Jerk Fan Plan:

This is the plan you hear about from fans all over the internets. This is the plan that has made the Trade Machine such a hit. This is the plan that Sin and Soul Eater push for. This plan is all about getting the hot commodity on the market for yourself and putting him aside with your franchise player (in this case derrick rose). This plan has no patience, its simply act now, get the best player on the market, and make noise. It holds no regard for any feelings on the roster and is bent on the fixation that Talent above all else wins championships. This plan is all about putting all your assets (draft picks future past and present, as well as all players including the franchise player depending on the situation) on the line for the sake of getting proven star commodity that can either share or become part of your franchise core. Its a win now mentality that seems exciting and doable, yet often overlooks the idea of what occurs in the future or if the player you emptied the vault for ends up being a bust. Its a high risk high reward situation, which also emphasizes more on win now, while perhaps digging a hole for the future.


Those are the three plans that i feel the Bulls, and perhaps most nba teams have to decide upon. Even though realistically most plans tend to be some sort of combo of the plans, it often strongly emphasizes the traits of one of those three plans. For example the bulls up till now have been a combo of the Paxson and Reinsdorf plan, with 2003-2008  being more with the Paxson Plan traits and the 2009-2010 being more of a Reinsdorf Plan setting (what with the not signing ben gordon, flip murray, and salmons and trading tyrus thomas and even kirk hinrich for little to nothing of present value). So If you were the Bulls Gm, and with the success we have garnered so far, which plan would you strongly base your moves on going forward till the end of Roses first extension? Choose in the Poll below and feel free to discuss in the comments below. Also as always, feel free to insult, criticize, or otherwise critique my writing.


**(for those of you wondering, i personally would choose the Paxson Plan. I think this team is capable of growing as much as rose does and the team chemistry is going to be a factor in how the team grows as a whole unit. Although i hate bogans, not signing him in the offseason, or just simply no longer starting him for next season would come a long way. After drafting some talent, something like just going after guards and forwards, you can then trade pieces like taj to upgrade the starting sg slot. I believe the bulls will remain competetive until such a move has been made. And hopefully after the move for just a real starter they can be at contention level)**

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