Back to Reality... Another Trade Idea to Get Bogans OUT!!  Or...

A Win Now AND Later Thought Process...

I admit I got caught up in the Melo-drama and swept up in the "Let's move Deng" movement, but I think we'd all agree that Bogans just needs to be gone.  He serves no real purpose, Deng isn't the problem  And I hope that Gar Paxdorf is racking its collective mind to find some way of pulling off a trade for a real SG, to start next DRose.  This team has an unique opportunity to be in a position to be big-time title contenders for years to come, IF we play our cards right. 

I've had plenty of suggestions and scenarios, but I can't ever find one that is a straight up trade.  At least not one where we don't have to give up a core player in our rotation.  This is just the latest edition

3 Team Trade:

Rockets Get:  SF James Johnson from CHI, SG Francisco Garcia, PF/C Jason Thompson, and PF Carl Landry from SAC, with 2011 1st Round pick from CHI and one of those protected 1st from SAC

Kings Get:  PG Aaron Brooks, SF/PF Jared Jefferies, and PF Jordan Hill from HOU, SG Keith Bogans from CHI, and the CHAR pick with a 2011 2nd Round pick from HOU

Bulls Get: SG Courtney Lee from HOU and SF Omri Casspi from SAC, with a 2011 2nd Round pick from SAC

The Rocket pull the trigger on this trade because, they are getting bigs.  They know Lowry can run the team, and he's signed for the next 4 years.  They get Landry who they are interested in bringing back, plus Thompson, who could start for them at C right now.  Garcia takes Lee's place off the bench and could step in if they decide to move Martin.  JJ is another "could-be" they stockpile, along with T-Will.  Then they get an extra pick this year and maybe a lottery pick in the near future.

The Kings finally get a PG to run with Evans, in Brooks, along with a budding young PF, Hill, to team with Cousins.  They can spend some of that unused salary cap to extend Brooks, which he'll love.  They get Jeffries, who could easily end up starting for them at SF, and is an expiring contract.  Bogans gives them a bigger SG off the bench to soak up a couple of minutes when Evans isn't out there and they can cut him after the season.  The sweetner is the CHAR pick.

We get Lee, a young SG, who has already had Championship level experience and can do everything that you want out of a sidekick for DRose.  He can get his own shot, spot up, and defend.  Really, that would good enough for me, but since we added that sweetener to the deal.  We get to add the guy who will save Deng.  Casspi can shoot the 3, is athletic, rebounds and defends pretty well.  Plus, we get a pretty high 2nd round pick (somewhere in the top 5).  And you always are going to get someone who should have gone 1st round falling into your laps in those spots.

This is your lineup after the trade:

PG DRose / Watson

SG Lee / Brewer

SF Deng / Casspi / Korver

PF Booz / Gibson

C Noah / Thomas / Asik

Then for the stretch run, pick up a vet PG like Antonio Daniels, to take some of the back up ball-handling duties off CJ, which should allow him to play off the ball more.  Here's a tidbit about Daniels:

The 12-year NBA veteran has proven thus far that he still has what it takes, however, as he's averaging 17.0 points, 8.2 assists and 5.2 rebounds through his first nine games in the D-League. Daniels, currently boasts a spectacular 3.7 assist-to-turnover ratio and is second in the league with a 22.8 PER.

I would also add another big.  I just think you can't have too many fouls to throw at guys like Howard and Gasol, even Shaq.  I don't care if it's a D-Leaguer or NBA Vet out on the street.  We need a body who can be serviceable down low.  If Rasheed is close to being in shape and taking a comeback seriously, I would snatch him up.  As far as D-Leaguers go I'd take a chance on Sean Williams.  You could never question his talent, but this is the most important thing you need to know about him:

Word is that Williams has been a model citizen off the court for the Texas Legends. Becoming a first-to-arrive, last-to-leave type, Williams seems to have matured past the issues he had off the floor in the past to focus on his basketball career.

This would be so lovely, someone pass this on to Gar Paxdorf please.

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