A Response to Dwyer's Crap Awards Compilation.

I posted this in two other threads, but someone proposed that I turn it into a FPost so here goes. Y'all saw the Dwyer list for the awards up until this point, and in case you didn't here's a link. FYI, I think Rose is the MIP and MVP up until this point, Thibs is coach of the year, Dwight is DPOY, Griffin is ROY, Crawford for Sixth Man.

I dunno where to discuss this,

but seeing as this is a Rose thread, I’ma defend Rose’s MVP honors and drop this on some of his MVP rivals.

Are we at the point where we can tell anyone who thinks Amare is MVP to just STFU? After the loss tonight, the Knicks stand at…..23-20. I keep hearing that the Knicks are relevant, and even K-El-Amin over here thinks they’re better than the Bulls(remember that?). The Knicks are still a nobody in this league, they’ll be fighting for a 6-8 seed and a swift early round exit. Amare puts up numbers on a healthy team, but his team is still meh. Rose puts up numbers on a broken team, and his team is killing it. I wouldn’t trade Rose for 2 Amares.

Also, I see Dwyer has snubbed Rose in favor of Lebron, Wade, Kobe, Dirk, CP3 and Dwight. What the hell is this guys smoking, saying that Rose isn’t even a candidate? Dwyer clearly loves his numbers, so why doesn’t he sink his teeth into that NYTimes article instead of calling out Rose’s defense, which has been freaking awesome this year?

Lebron has better numbers than anybody? Hmmmm……..
DRose, 24.7/4.7/8
Lebron 25.6/7.1/7.2.
 DRose has equally impressive numbers with more impressive percentages across the boards, and he’s not playing alongside Dwayne Wade and Bosh!
I mean, if two MVP candidates are on one team and their record is only one game better than the team with the guy that you won’t even consider, there’s something wrong with that.

DWade??? Not only are Rose’s numbers more impressive, he’s been better and has had to do it without the best player in the league playing in the same lineup. Oh, and Rose has been the man on his team, Wade hasn’t.

Dirk? Playing really well, but when you miss 1/4 of your team’s games, you shouldn’t be in the discussion. If he was healthy all year he’d be a stronger candidate.

CP3? 16/4/9.6, with zero thirty point games? Are you kidding me. If Rose decided that he didn’t mind losing, he could rack up those numbers with his eyes closed, with more efficiency. DWill too. He’s been better than CP3 this year, by the way. Would that be the worst stat line for an MVP, ever?

Kobe? Rose has been scoring just as well, shooting better from deep and been both a better passer and defender. Oh, and his team is winning games with major injuries to two of it’s three best players.

Dwight Howard. He’s actually got a strong case here, as Dwight is having a phenomenal season, but you’d have a tough time convincing me he’s been better than Rose to the point where Dwight has clearly been better. And again, DRose’s team has been better than Dwight’s, with Rose being the reason why.

Booz and Jo have missed 36 games collectively. Rose has been the only true constant on his team.*

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