Bulls-Heat Postgame/Sunday Around the League/Go Bears! thread



Usually yfbb doesn't post much on weekends, so I thought it might be helpful to throw up a new thread, rather than continuing the conversation in that stuffy game thread.  Maybe this can also be used for NBA games tomorrow and people that wanna discuss a little football also.  After the jump, I'll have a few quick thoughts on the Heat game.


Wow, what a game.  I actually took a nap, and overslept the tip by about 40 minutes, forcing me to watch the game on a delay (Luckily, I was recording it).  Because of this, I was unable to join all you hooligans in the game threads.  I did skim through them however, just out of curiosity, and that shit is pretty funny to read once you already know the outcome.

Anyway, another MVP game from the Bulls MVP candidate.  Rose was flat out nasty for most of the second half.  Him and Wade going back and forth at the end of the game had to be one of my favorite Bulls moments of the post-MJ era.  That and one he hit on Chalmers was so sick that, even my cat, who was next to the tv at the time, shot me a look as if to say "Holy shit.".  For anyone that still doesn't think Rose is a flat out superstar :::cough:::Hollinger::cough::cough::, I would encourage them to watch this game.  He NEEDS to start the All Star Game.  If you don't believe me, just ask Kanye West:

Congratulations to D. Rose 1.2 Million All Star Votes!!! Bulls first All Star starter since Jordan! Text ROSE to 6-9-6-2-2!

Thanks Kanye!  You can also vote right HERE.  Please do so.

A couple other random thoughts/notes from the game:

Keith Bogans actually hit a couple shots today, leading to this tweet from Mike McGraw:


Can't emphasize this enough: Bulls 5-0 this season when Bogans hits 2 or more 3-pointers. Wade now on bench w/ 4 fouls. It's up to Bosh.

After reading that stat, I wasn't thinking to myself, "Man, if only Bogans could start hitting that shot regularly...".  No, I was thinking: "We really need to find a sg that can hit '2 or more 3-pointers' a game".  We're already all too familiar with the work of Keith Bogans, time for some new blood. 

I would say Thibs should start either Korver or Brewer, but I think it's become painfully obvious that he won't do it.  It's especially mind numbing in this case though, because you'd think that with Brewer and Korver, he has the ideal platoon of: offensive player/defensive player.  Start with one guy (either works for me), then substitute based on need.  Instead he's opting for the three man rotation of: bad player/defensive player/offensive player.  Oh well, I've shed enough tears over this, hopefully something changes as the deadline approaches.

-  Boozer got hurt again.  And this time the injury was basketball related.  Nobody has said for sure if he'll miss any time, or how serious it is, but based on  the stuff I've read in the past about him being a "slow healer", it's probably a safe bet that we'll be without his services for the Memphis game.  If that's the case, hopefully Taj can step it up in his absence.

-  While on the subject of Taj, I thought I would ask this question:  How bad has his jumper gotten?   I only bring that up because I think it's the one area that would REALLY help his game, if he could improve it.  His defense and activity have all been very good at times, but the way he keeps clanking those wide open looks, is really hurting him, and the team.

-  A funny thing happened while watching this game, I realized that I LOVE Neil Funk...... when we're playing the Heat.  For the first time all year I found myself smiling, and nodding my head in approval for every shot he took on the opposing team's players.  Particularly Chris Bosh.  So, if only for one night, love ya Neil!

-  And finally, is anyone else scared shitless by just how confident people are that the Bears are gonna win tomorrow?

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