2010-11 Game Preview #39: Bulls at Indiana Pacers

[Thanks to JustAnotherFan for today's game preview. Early start at 6pm on CSNChicago. It seems we're all looking past this to the Miami showdown Saturday night, hopefully the players themselves aren't feeling that way. Make sure to check out Indy Cornrows and 8pts9Seconds. Or at the very least this Josh McRoberts dunk contest video. -ed.]

Well, I didn’t bring any luck last time but let’s try it again.

The Bulls go to Indiana today with a lot in their minds. First they lost another game for a bad team: the Bobcats. As it became routine they started terribly, only this time they could not come back. After getting killed by former Bull Nocioni, this time was Tyrus Thomas doing the clutch plays. As a whole, the team sucked – forcing only 7 TO and missing easy shots. But the worrisome part was Rose not get going last game on both ends – he shot under 30%, had 4 TO and allowed to many penetrations. He has been struggling in road games (40.2% FG and 3 for 25 from 3-point range to go with 5.0 topg over last seven).

Rose, however, seems focused:

DRose on LBJ playing Saturday: If he does, he does. If he don't, he don't. The way we lost in Charlotte, we're just thinking about (Indy).

Via KC Twitter

After Thibs indirectly talked about the importance of the first 5 minutes there is a hope for a Brewer start (ok, very unlikely, but it will happen someday, won't it?). Regardless I expect to see the Bulls trying to start strong instead of trapping themselves like the last games. This time however I’m not saying the Bulls will win this. They certainly can, but not the way they have been playing lately. Right now we are our own enemies. After holding opponents around 82 points in the seven-game home winning streak we took 96 each of the last three road games. Add to that the weight of the very expected game against the Heat - which they play back-to-back on Saturday.

"I got this"

Indiana will try a 3 game winning streak and have a few guys we have to worry about:

Granger is coming from a 20 ppg month filled with poor shooting but we have to watch him. He is a Bull killer (28.0 ppg in his last 5 games against Chicago).

Darren Collinson is not great but is fast and I expect him to give a lot of trouble to DRose. He’s having a strong month with 17 ppg and 6.6 apg – both above his season and career average.

Roy Hibbert could really add to the troubles we are having inside lately (remember Sasha rebounds, Noce and TT?). Good thing is he seems to be playing hurt since the San Antonio game and played poorly the last 3 games.

Brandon Rush/Dunleavy – to me Rush is a below average player but he shot well against the Bulls last time and is a decent 3 pt shooter. He scored 20 last game. The same goes for Dunleavy Jr.: keep him in check in the 3pt line

Paul George – who had a few fans in the Draft here – played well last game and scored 16 points (4-6 3pt)

Highlights from December game


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