Melo Dreams

I am loving the fact that we are high on Melo's list of teams to go to.  I'm part of the group that believes we should really go after him.  I wouldn't give up Noah though. 

I believe that if Denver and Melo meet and Denver's front office comes out with the info that Melo has NO intention of signing the extension, then they may just blow up the roster.  They have contracts that they really are trying to unload (J.R Smith, Kenyon Martin come to mind) and they have Billups as an expiring (not exactly but he only has like 3 or 4 guaranteed next year).  This is where we may be able to coax some teams to help us, help them.  From what I can tell from reading about the Denver Org., it looks like they won't be down with just adding cap space and would want some young talent in return.

With that in mind, I came up with this epic trade...

4 Way Trade Between Chicago, Denver, Portland, and Golden St.

Bulls Get: SF Carmelo Anthony from Den, SG Rudy Fernandez from Por, and a 2nd Round pick from Den and GS

Nuggets Get: SF Luol Deng and PF Taj Gibson from Chi, SG Monta Ellis and PF Brendan Wright from GS, PG Jerryd Bayless, and C Joel Pryzilla from Por, and 2 1st Round picks from Chi(one being Charlotte's)

Blazers Get: PF Kenyon Martin and PG Chancey Billups from Den, C Andris Biedrins from GS and SF/PF James Johnson from Chi

Warriors Get: JR Smith from Den, PG Andre Miller and PF/C Marcus Camby from Por, and 1st Round pick from Por


Potential Lineups:


PG DRose / Watson, SG Brewer / Fernandez, SF Melo / Korver, PF Boozer / Thomas, C Noah / Asik

This lineup gives us a great shot at being legit title contenders, we may need another quality big, but guys like Lou Amundson, Joe Smith, and Earl Barron are still out there.  But with DRose, Melo, Boozer, and Noah we can compete for years to come.


PG Lawson / Bayless, SG Ellis / Affalo, SF Deng / Balkman, PF Taj / Andersen / Wright, C Nene / Pryzbilla

Gives them an infusion of young talent at PF and SG, Ellis seems like a George Karl kinda guy.  Bayless provides scoring punch off the bench, Deng is solid at SF.  They also get about $10 mill in expiring contracts in Pryzbilla and Wright, if they choose not qualify him.  Plus 2 future 1st Round picks.  Seems like a nice haul to me, and they can still be competitive.


PG Billups / Johnson, SG Roy / Matthews, SF Batum / Babbitt / Johnson, PF Aldridge / Martin, C Oden / Biedrins

They replace one set of cranky knees for another with Martin coming in for Camby, but the prize here is putting Billups next to Roy.  Mr. Big Shot may be gettin older, but he's still one the most clutch shooters in the league and is a championship caliber leader, takes a lot of pressure off Roy in late game situations.  Doesn't hurt that they're gaining Biedrins to back up Oden. 

Golden State:

PG Miller / Bell, SG Curry / Smith, SF Radmonvic / Wright / Williams, PF Lee / Camby, C Gadzuric / Camby

By picking up Miller and Smith, you are replacing one guy in Ellis who didn't fit with Curry, and replacing him with 2 guys who fit almost perfectly in a backcourt with Curry.  If you want Curry off the ball, play Miller and let him guard SG's.  If you want Curry at PG, play Smith.  Plus Smith is an expiring contract.  Camby adds some help for Lee down low.

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