End of the Bench

With the Scalabrine signing, I saw a lot of comments about not liking the guy and him being a waste of the 13th roster spot.  Who else do you pick up to fill the role?  Stop bitching about it and throw out some names... Do you keep 13 or go up to the max 15 spots?

PG D.Rose / Watson

SG Brewer / Bogans

SF Deng / Korver / Johnson

PF Boozer / Taj / Thomas

C   Noah / Asik

That's 12 (before the Scalabrine signing), so what do u do?

Personally, I'm cool with the signing of Scalabrine, especially if he's a guy Thibs campaigned for.  I know he's not good, but I do remember him coming in for the Celtics and being at least servicable.  He can serve as an on floor coach during practice and supposedly he's a good locker room guy.  So I'll stick with him as my 13th man.

I'm going to sing the max of 15 guys and my last 2 guys would be: John Lucas III and Rashad McCants.

Lucas because I liked what I saw from him in Summer League.  I watched every game and he basically was the primary scorer on that team.  I know we weren't very good, but JJ was SUPPOSED to lead that team and Lucas stepped into that role.  He can get into the lane, and has a nice j.  Let him chill behind the bench and a suit just in case Watson or D.Rose(God forbid) get hurt.

Rashad McCants, yes I know he supposedly a headcase, but I don't think it's in the same league Delonte West, who I saw get a lot of support for getting picked up.  McCants could be better, he's bigger, and has a better shooting touch.  With Thibs' help he could become a very good defender.  From all reports, he's been having good workouts and Danny Ainge even gave him a nice endorsement.  I think with the young coaching staff that we have, we may be a good fit for him.  He could definitely end up being a steal, especially if we can't get Fernandez. 

In fact, I think that's one of the reasons Thibs' picked the guys he did for the staff.  Look at the guys, Pinckney, was a longtime NBA vet and is coming from Villanova, a pretty good program, where he dealt with college kids not much younger than the main guys on our team.  He'll be handling the Noah and Asik's development and Boozer's improvement.  Griffin, longtime NBA vet, that is just getting out of the league.  He got tutored under Scott Skiles, who is a "Friend of Thibs", and was known as a heady and defensive-minded player.  I figure he handles the swingmen.  Brunson, longtime NBA vet and is coming from being a player development guy for Denver (ahem Melo connect HAHAHA) and then being director for Basketball Oper. for UVA, another guy working with college kids.  He works with D.Rose on D'ing up.  Adams and Greer are his righthand men.  I think he built this staff to be at its best developing YOUNG talent and hopefully we keep the max and pick up a couple from our training camp team.

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