The Unholy Trinity-They Must not Win

They needed a nickname i heard, so the unholy trinity is the best fits them...Jordan and his bulls created a dominance in the nba, but also were part in the creation of what is known as the golden age of the NBA...i feel the Unholy trinity is on the verge of creating a dark age of the N.B.A.....and they must not win

WJB and a few others talked about how having a dominant team isn't a new concept in the NBA. A few journalists argued that having dominant teams has always in the past led to a more entertaining season regardless of the sport. I agree to much of this, however, what just transpired in the NBA has never happened before in at least the NBA (possibly in any sport ever). it isnt just the creation of a big 3, but it is the big 3 that have combined.

Who is the Number 1 Power Forward in the eastern conference right now? Chris Bosh. Who is the number 1 sg in the eastern conference right now? No Andrew7, its not Ben Gordon, its D-Wade. Who is the number 1 sf in the entire NBA right now...LEBRON FREAKIN JAMES! This is far more different than the creation of the Celtics New Big 3 of Garnett, Allen, and Pierce. Garnett was the only real superstar of the three BEFORE they banded together. Paul Pierce had a reputation akin to a Danny Granger, Ray Allen was nothing more than the smoothest shooter in the nba.


Looking at the former BIG 3, that the celtics had in Bird, Parish, and McHale...two of the 3, Bird and McHale were drafted by the celtics, and while Parish had been a good player, wasnt the centerpiece of his team the way any of the Unholy Trinity were. Even looking at the Greatest Bulls team ever of '96, the top players who were Jordan, Pippen, Rodman, Kukoc, aside from Rodman, all of those players were obtained before they had any significant impact or reputation in the NBA.  In other words, the Unholy Trinity in almost ever facet, seem to be a synthetic gathering..


So you may wonder, whats the big deal? The problem is the affect this gathering has on the future of this league. This synthetic gathering is like the creation of the Nuclear Bomb. Everyone condemns the idea, but ultimately it is gonna lead to everyone desiring the power. Ask any historian, but the creation of the nuclear bomb was more or less the start of the destruction of civilization. Just because the danger isnt immenent right now, doesnt mean it isnt forthcoming.

Imagine if this Unholy Trinity wins, while media outlets, and old timers who witnessed the Golden years of the NBA scold the cowardly style of winning the championship, young up and coming players will become wide eyed. Championships create legacies, endorsements, huge contracts...and players will desire for it. Not only that but GM's will begin to endorse the idea of a synthetic culmination of talent. This will lead to Free Agents signing with peers, a sudden unearthing of the balance of power. Instead of the talent spread out throughout the nba, it will be greatly focused, not just within a certain conference, but within certain teams. Suddenly the league will find that there maybe 2 or 3 super teams in the league, with another handful of mediocre teams, and a majority of teams who simply suck. In other words the NBA would become much like the US during the current Economical Depression.

The problem is that this Shift in power, this depression would continue to exist, and teams in the nba would become like countries vying for a nuclear bomb, more and more teams would synthetically create grander and grander rosters, more players would take paycuts to be part of elite undefeatable teams until....BOOM...the all nba team would actually belong to an actual team. In other words, this league that is run by its stars, would be run by a single team. Several teams would exist that would be similar to the bulls of the skiles era, Good talented players, that arent good enough to be allstars and are mediocre. If Mediocrity is akin to NBA Hell....well the entire nba, save a handful, were about to enter that territory.

The only way to save the majority of the league from entering NBA Hell, the precident of the Unholy Trinity must be prevented. Another team must rise that is created via more natural elements. By this i mean teams must become active in trades. A team like the Cavs who have no success looming in present times must sacrifice mediocrity and enter comlete suckage in order to help strenghten an established super power. While that super power must sacrifice his future to the weaker team. The cavs trading mo williams for steve blake for example for a future first round draft pick for example would help rid the lakers of their biggest weakness, while helping the cavs add valuable draft picks (4  years down the line the lakers will probably have retired kobe and pau, and thus be on the decline, and during the decline their pick should be a lottery one which will help the cavs).

This what i think Dan Gilbert understands, a lot of basketball hall of famers have also spoken of an up and coming new generation, and if they spoke the words you would see a strange fear in their eyes and look of disapproval. This Unholy Trinity can be the start of NBA hell for most of the league...but only if they prove that such a synthetic culmination of Superstar players can work, only if they create this precedent. And example must be made, whatever honor and integrity the nba has left must be maintained....I implore thee nba fans...heed my warning


(this over-dramatization was brought to you by piccolomair, Hinrich Rules!!)

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