So How Do We Use Our $18 mil in Cap Space?

I'm so glad that's over, and I'm glad Lebron didn't end up here.  That press conference just gave me an icky feeling.  I'm not happ that he decided to join DWade and Bosh in Miami, but what's done is done.  So how do we spend the remaining cap space that we have?  From what I understand it's better for us to spend it this offseason than to hold on to it, because of DRose and Noah extensions.  We still need a SG, back up PG, back up C, and maybe a SG/SF type of guy.  Somewhere in that PS,SG,SF mix we need some shooters.

What do we do to fight the Evil Empire?

Current Lineup:          

PG DRose / ?           

SG ? / ?

SF Deng / Johnson

PF Boozer / Gibson

C Noah / ?

The question mark is SG right now, I'm under the belief that we should go with someone young, that we see can play right now and potentially be a nice player.  I would love to try to dangle out James Johnson for OJ Mayo.  Memphis drafted all those big SG types for some insurance in losing someone.  And they paid Gay the big bucks, so that would be where I turn first, doubt it would happen though. 

I would go after a combination of Anthony Morrow, Ronnie Brewer, and Wesley Matthews.  I have seen the argument against and for all of them.  In Morrow's case, I figure u can teach a guy how to play better D if he wants it, plus Morrow has been playing for Nellie, there's no telling how good he might be on the D honestly.  He's an athletic 6'5" shooter.  Then, u take Brewer, who is like the bizarro Morrow, he's a slasher, who uses his 6'7" frame to D up on all the perimeter positions.  He can always develop his J along the way.  Matthews, is like a mix of the former 2, his J is as bad as Brewer's, but not as good as Morrow's.  And his D is better than Morrow, but not as good as Brewer's. 

My personal choice would be Morrow in the $5mil/yr range and Matthews in the $3mil/yr range.  Thibs would love this duo at the 2.  And it's 2 guys who physically can match up with DWade and will continue to get better.

I'm now left with roughly $10 mil in cap space, my back up PG would be Shaun Livingston.  Bring the Area kid back for about $2.5mil/yr, I think he's finally rounding himself into the player he's going to be after the injury.  He looked really good at the end of the year for the Wizards, and he is a definite defensive presence off the bench. 

For that back up SG/SF spot, I pay Kyle Korver about $6mil/yr to come be our sniper.  We can start him at the 2, or bring him off the bench.  He's our new Kerr/Paxson type.

Then use some of the remaining space to bring Asik over and we have a nice young team that can win the Central division and definitely be a factor against Boston, Orlando, and Miami.  And it's a team that will only get better.

PG DRose / Livingston

SG Morrow / Matthews

SF Deng / Korver / Johnson

PF Boozer / Gibson

C Noah / Asik

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