(First time doing this so if i do something wrong oh well)
Today I woke up and heard the most horrifying news on the radio "hes going to miami".  Startled I jumped out of bed and quickly turned on the TV and found out that it was Bosh that had committed to Miami.  It surely still hit me hard. 

But the as the saying goes "the night is darkest before the dawn" and today quickly we were blessed with a new day beginning with the signing of Carlos Boozer.  I believe this is the beginning of a great thing.

Bulls management has been playing this very carefully and perfectly.  They've been waiting for a few years now for this and they acted immediately once July 1st came.  They quickly locked in back up options and perfectly waited for the top 3 to make a move and once Bosh and Wade had done so, they acted immediately and turned to Plan B.

Although the choice is now Lebron's, I think its clear he's going to choose us.  He's made it clear for years he's a student of the game and that he wants to go down as one of the greats and he cant do that without a/some ring(s).  Chicago is the best option for him to win now and for the years to come with their roster.  Chicago allows him to carry the mantle of Michael Jordan and his legacy.  Doesn't this ESPN thing just have MJ-LeBron comparisons stories written all over it?

Theres no way he's going to the Heat in my opinion because simply because LeBron wouldnt

A)hes not taking a back seat to Wade

B)he knows if he joins Wade no matter what happens in the foreseeable future Wade will always have 1 more ring than him and his ego is not going to take that well

Hes not going to the Knicks because well theyre the Knicks and they arent in position to win for a while. 

Hes not going to the Nets because well theyre still in New Jersey and I dont believe their current roster is as good as ours, especially with the boozer signing now which also means theres really no FA to join him there.

Hes not going to the Clippers because well...well...well if he did I'd laugh and actually kind of be happy about it because it would just be so damn funny.

Hes not going back to Cleveland because he's failed there and it's over. We know it. He knows it. He needs a new scene, a new team.

Hes coming to Chicago. Its written in the stars. I believe this to be true and I have believed so for weeks now and I have not backed down from my stance.

LEBRON IS COMING. (and if he isnt sue me.)

Oh and also bring it on.

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