Can we swing two more bargain deals?

I'm loving the fact, that we're not only getting quality players, but we're getting them a bargain prices.  The additions of Booz, Korver, Brewer, and Watson make us a very balanced team.  And a definite threat to those sissies on South Beach.  We still need a backup at SG and big man.  Think we can get be lucky enough to keep this trend going?  I hope so.

The only SG's out there I would touch are Mason and TMac.  Neither at this point is very good, and they definitely have little to no upside.  As constructed right now we have quality back ups at every spot except SG.  I think Asik can do the job as backup C, but I still say we need some experience backing him up just in case.  Kwame Brown and Kurt Thomas seem like the best fits in the free agent market.  I would probably go with Kwame at this point, he's the perfect guy to throw at Howard and Bynum.

As for the backup SG spot, I think our best bet is to get involved in the potential Cleveland-Minnesota deal.  Sessions is the target for this trade.

Also on the final day of the NBA Summer League, sources confirmed a Cleveland Plain Dealer report that Minnesota is shopping guard Ramon Sessions (due $3.96 million next season) and forward Kosta Koufos (due $1.3 million), and the Cavaliers have interest in both. Sources said a deal with Cleveland could result in guard Delonte West going to the Timberwolves and then being waived since West's $4.6 million contract has only $500,000 of it guaranteed if he's waived by August 5.

The Cavaliers have a $14.5 million trade exception acquired in the LeBron James deal with Miami to facilitate possible trades.

Sources also named Cleveland as among the teams interested in free-agent guard Flip Murray. Murray is also said to be receiving interest from the Clippers and Chicago, which he played for last season.

Cleveland has been trying to get a SF to fill that GIANT Lebron void and have been very unsuccessful in their pursuits.  Minnesota as always is tryin to get rid of as much salary as possible and have a glut of SG/SF types.  This is where we come in. And I hope u noticed the blurb about Flip at the end.

This is my mad scientist deal (yes yet another lol):

Cavs Get -- S&T SG Flip Murray, SF James Johnson, PG Ramon Sessions, and C Kosta Koufos

TWolves Get -- SG Delonte West, future 1st round pick from Chicago

Bulls Get -- SG/SF Corey Brewer, 2nd round pick from Cleveland

Then sign Kwame Brown and our roster is set.  We would have a helluva of a defensive combo at SG with Brewer & Brewer.  Plus, Corey can actually shoot a lil and is still improving.  With the addition of CJ Watson, I don't really think we NEED to have that backup SG be a shooting specialist, I'd rather go for another athlete.

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