Remaining Bulls Options

Bulls current roster.

Center: Joakim Noah/Omer Asik

Power Forward: Carlos Boozer/Taj Gibson

Small Forward: Luol Deng/Kyle Korver/James Johnson

Shooting Guard: (J.J. Redick)

Point Guard: Derrick Rose


We currently have one backcourt player under contract. We might want to rectify that. Here are my top 5 options at every position.

Backup Point Guard

#1 Option) Sign Shaun Livingston. He's still pretty young, he's talented, he's likable and he's from Illinois. The only negative in my eyes is that he isn't much of a shooter. I think he proved last season that his knee is healthy enough to withstand the NBA game.

#2 Option) Re-sign Acie Law. When Derrick (and half the team) was hurt during that 10-game losing streak, Acie Law was arguably our best player. VDN gave him a shot and even though he didn't lead us to any wins, he played the best basketball of his career.

#3 Option) Sign CJ Watson. He's shown the ability to score in the NBA, and while I wouldn't start him, he'd be as fine a backup PG as there is in this league.

#4 Option) A Summer Leaguer. Not John Lucas, though. Perhaps someone like Sherron Collins doesn't make it to Bobcats camp (bad example, they have a gaping hole at the 1). Matt Bouldin might be a good choice.

#5 Option) Let Redick (if Orlando doesn't match) backup Rose. I would prefer not.


Shooting Guard

#1 Option) Ronnie Brewer. Not a shooter. Doesn't matter. A solid defender and an excellent athlete. The Bulls need both of those things. The shooting can wait, especially if Redick isn't matched.

#2 Option) Josh Howard. Not a natural 2 guard. Coming off a major injury. Also kind of an asshole, from what I hear. Still at least a rotation player, if not a starter.

#3 Option) Roger Mason. An occasionally lethal shooter. Will take and make big shots. Should come relatively cheap.

#4 Option) Re-sign Flip Murray. Flip was easily the best of the players we received for Tyrus/Salmons (not that impressive an accomplishment). Still, he played well enough that I'm not against him returning. On the plus side, he could play PG in a pinch.

#5 Option) Derrick Byars/Morris Almond Both are currently on the Bulls' Summer League squad, and both can score the ball. Can't do a whole lot else, but that skill alone warrants making an NBA roster. If Larry Hughes can have a career, Morris Almond can have a career.


Other positions.

#1 Option) Matt Barnes. Defender. Instigator. Shitty Tattoo Aficionado. Possibly too expensive at this point.

#2 Option) Re-sign Brad Miller. Kind of unnecessary with Asik's signing, but I want Brad to retire as a Bull. Preferable after this season.

#3 Option) Joel Anthony/Anthony Tolliver. They share a name, so I put them together, even though their skill sets couldn't be more different. Anthony is a good shot blocker, while Tolliver is a shooter. Either would be fine 12th men for cheap.

#4 Option) An Undrafted Player. Samardo Samuels is infinitely better than Chris Richard. If the Bulls are interested in a 5th big man, he would be the best option currently playing on our Summer League team. A more interesting option is someone like Rod Benson, who should be in the NBA right now as it is.

#5 Option) Shaq or T-Mac. Fading stars who might ask for a few too many shots. I'm not against either, but I'm not for them either.

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