Let's Put On Our Thinkin Caps!

In a perfect world there would be a young SG who is about 6'4 - 6'7, who can shoot from distance, create his own shot and for others, be able to take some ball-handling responsibilities off D.Rose, is a willing defender with the athletic ability to be above average, and isn't afraid of anything, just waiting for us to scoop him up.  But this isn't a perfect world.

Redick would be a good signing, if Orlando doesn't match and that's a big if.  But we'll still need someone capable of d'ing up an athletic SG, either way. 

I've seen guys throw out names on who we should get at the SG, I've also seen some complaints about the org. not being "creative" enough to get the player we need.  So basically my questions are:

Who's ur guy? Why? How do u get him?

My target is OJ Mayo.

I just think that he is a perfect complement to D.Rose moving forward.  He's only about 6'4, but plays bigger.  He has an dribble drive game, mid-range game, and long distance game.  And he can be an excellent defender given the right tutelage (hint hint Thibs).  Found these quotes in a write up on DraftExpress, the article is from a couple months into his rookie year. Still I figure he can only get better, with the right coaching.  And Thibs is supposed to be a great development guy.   Link to full article.

We all know his offense is legit, (well if u are an informed basketball fan u do) and the article backs that up, but I found the comments about his defense and intangibles, the best part of the write up. 

Mayo’s commitment and excellence on the defensive end has been very impressive for any player, let alone a rookie. It’s rare to see him out of a stance as he stays low and pressures whoever is in his way. He never gives up on a play – always contesting shots even when beat or late to close out. He takes players out of their comfort zones, by bodying up to them, being physical and taking away their strengths. When bigger guards try to post him, he’ll make them pay by pushing them away from the basket, nullifying their height advantage. He does all of this without fouling, (2.2 fouls a game) which shows his understanding of how to play on this side of the court. That ease that he plays with on offense is transformed to aggression and feistiness on the defensive end.

Without a doubt, O.J. Mayo is a fierce competitor. In games where the Grizzlies have been blown out, Mayo can be seen going all out as if it’s overtime, until the last horn. This competitiveness will serve Mayo well and ensure his team success down the road. In addition to that, the maturity and poise with which he plays the game are those of a ten year veteran, not a twenty one year old rookie. He rarely argues with the refs, never displays any negative body language-- which is important on a young team--and is noticeably excited for his teammates’ success.

Sounds like the type of guy I want next to D.Rose and Noah growing along each other and the perfect answer to D.Wade.  Add this to the mix, and I can't see it being too hard of a fit.  Plus a lil this, for good measure.

Now u know why I want him, this is how I propose we get him.

Memphis has pretty much said who their star player is going to be, signing Rudy Gay to the max.  With Baby Gasol and Zach Randolph having contracts that are up soon, and having acquired 3 guys that play his position over the offseason.  I think they can be persuaded into letting him go.  They r in need of a big man, something we don't have at this point, at least not one that I would send or they would probably take.  But one thing any low budget team, which Memphis certainly is, would be happy to have some cap space/expiring contracts. 

Depending on if Orlando matches we'll have $9-15 mil of room under the cap.  I say we help out that Dallas-Minnesota trade that's sending Jefferson to Dallas.  The hold up is Dallas wants to send Matt Carroll and DeShawn Stevenson along with Dampier's lovely contract. Dallas-Minnesota trade

I'll be optimistic and say Orlando doesn't match, leaves us 9 mil and some change. And since Utah seems to be targeting Jefferson as well, seems Dallas better move quickly.  This is the trade:

Bulls get -- OJ Mayo and Matt Carroll

Mavs get -- Al Jefferson

TWolves get -- Erick Dampier, a Dallas future 1st and our future 1st

Grizz get -- DeShawn Stevenson, Wayne Ellington, Ryan Hollins, and our future 1st

That gives Dallas and Minnesota what they want.  Gives us a potential star at SG to grow with DRose and Noah, and Carroll can serve as our backup to Redick/Korver as a 3 pt specialist on the inactive list.  Memphis gets all expiring contracts, with a vet who can start and provide some D in Stevenson, a young SG to take the place of Mayo and compete with Henry/Vasquez in Ellington, and a servicable young C to back up Baby Gasol with Hollins. 

We eat up the rest of our cap space, so u have to sign a big man and back up point on vet minimum salaries, but I don't see that being hard.  We could end up looking something like this: (vet minimum options, in order of preference)

PG D.Rose / (Shaun Livingston, Earl Watson, Keyon Dooling, Acie Law)

SG Mayo / Redick / Carroll **Inactive**

SF Deng / Korver / Johnson

PF Boozer / Gibson

C Noah / Asik / (Brad Miller, Ian Mahinmi, Kwame Brown, Mark Blount)

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