Concept Jersey Design

Ive recently been playing around with some concept designs for the Bulls jersey.

Its a topic that comes up time to time around here which usually leaves people divided, some people like the thought of a change, where as others would consider it sacrilege to meddle with such a simple and classic design ( if it aint broke don't fix it ) 

My thinking is definitely towards the later, which is why I consider it a fun challenge to design something new without offending the classic nature of the design.

Some of the most popular themes I noted during past discussions on the topic were;

  • Bring back the pinstripes
  • Get rid of the shiny material
  • Move away from 'WNBA shape' jerseys
  • Something cool & retro, thats not our god awful Stags throwback design.

With these points in mind the designs below are what Ive come up with so far.


Red away with white pinstripes: hasnt been done before, but doesnt totally offend orignal design. Dont know if Im totally sold on it myself, but thought I'd share. Kinda grows on you.




Black Retro Script: Deviation on our black design, minus shiny material and added in old school script lettering from Jordan rookie season, with number to the side. Quite like this one.




Id be Interested In making a few more and posting it up here, If you guys can throw around some ideas below, I'll make a few of the most Rec'd ones.

If you like someone's Idea make it green and ill throw it together.


[I have removed my previous fanshots on this as they didn't really belong there. thanks]

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