Is LeBron to Bulls big for the NBA?

I started to think about a LeBron lead Bulls team while watching a strange game 3 of the NBA Finals. I went to trader Joe's to pick up some dinner and got back into my car to hear Hubbie Brown and Dr. Jack talking about plays over a loud Boston Celtic crowd. I'm always in a great mood when the Lakers are losing. I had to run one more errand that took me about 15 minutes and by the time I had got back to my car the radio noise had done a 180 and for the most part it had been replaced with the noise of whistles. I was shocked driving home how the game had turned so fast and the 20 minute drive home was filled with whistles. All to LA. I have to be honest it wasn't a great look for the NBA but I digress... 


I started think about how the League kinda sucks right now. While ratings for the NBA Finals are at it's best numbers since the 2004 season, when the Lakers lost to the Pistons I didn't feel excited at all for these finals. 

Maybe I have Blackhawks fever but to me it's just that the NBA needs a shot in the arm. Maybe a shift in the balance of power would do some good. Boston and LA are getting older and Boston isn't going to be able to keep up with the Lakers whom imo only have a few years left until Kobe starts to really wear down. KG is literally on his last leg. 

So who replaces the Celtics? Orlando tried but they're flakey and inconsistent. The NBA needs their larger markets to be good to survive and if David Stern says otherwise he's lying. He'll tell you look at what SA did years ago but the Cleveland and SA finals was one of the worst rated in Finals history. 

Enter the Chicago Bulls

Most of the LeBron rumors have been connected with the Bulls and reasonably so they have a young team that can win now and for the next few years assuming everything goes to plan. The truth is while many don't want to admit it the Bulls are great for the NBA. When MJ was on the Bulls they dominated the league and the ratings flew through the roof. 

.↓ Year↓ Series↓ Rating↓
CBS 1976 Boston Celtics 4, Phoenix Suns 2 11.5
CBS 1977 Portland Trail Blazers 4, Philadelphia 76ers 2 12.7
CBS 1978 Washington Bullets 4, Seattle Supersonics 3 9.9
CBS 1979 Seattle Supersonics 4, Washington Bullets 1 7.2
CBS 1980 Los Angeles Lakers 4, Philadelphia 76ers 2 8.0
CBS 1981 Boston Celtics 4, Houston Rockets 2 6.7
CBS 1982 Los Angeles Lakers 4, Philadelphia 76ers 2 13.0
CBS 1983 Philadelphia 76ers 4, Los Angeles Lakers 0 12.3
CBS 1984 Boston Celtics 4, Los Angeles Lakers 3 12.3
CBS 1985 Los Angeles Lakers 4, Boston Celtics 2 13.7
CBS 1986 Boston Celtics 4, Houston Rockets 2 14.1
CBS 1987 Los Angeles Lakers 4, Boston Celtics 2 15.9
CBS 1988 Los Angeles Lakers 4, Detroit Pistons 3 15.4
CBS 1989 Detroit Pistons 4, Los Angeles Lakers 0 15.1
CBS 1990 Detroit Pistons 4, Portland Trail Blazers 1 12.3
NBC 1991 Chicago Bulls 4, Los Angeles Lakers 1 15.8
NBC 1992 Chicago Bulls 4, Portland Trail Blazers 2 14.2
NBC 1993 Chicago Bulls 4, Phoenix Suns 2 17.9
NBC 1994 Houston Rockets 4, New York Knicks 3 12.4
NBC 1995 Houston Rockets 4, Orlando Magic 0 13.9
NBC 1996 Chicago Bulls 4, Seattle Supersonics 2 16.7
NBC 1997 Chicago Bulls 4, Utah Jazz 2 16.8
NBC 1998 Chicago Bulls 4, Utah Jazz 2 18.7
NBC 1999 San Antonio Spurs 4, New York Knicks 1 11.3
NBC 2000 Los Angeles Lakers 4, Indiana Pacers 2 11.6
NBC 2001 Los Angeles Lakers 4, Philadelphia 76ers 1 12.1
NBC 2002 Los Angeles Lakers 4, New Jersey Nets 0 10.2
ABC 2003 San Antonio Spurs 4, New Jersey Nets 2 6.5
ABC 2004 Detroit Pistons 4, Los Angeles Lakers 1 11.5
ABC 2005 San Antonio Spurs 4, Detroit Pistons 3 8.2
ABC 2006 Miami Heat 4, Dallas Mavericks 2 8.5
ABC 2007 San Antonio Spurs 4, Cleveland Cavaliers 0 6.2
ABC 2008 Boston Celtics 4, Los Angeles Lakers 2 9.3
ABC 2009 Los Angeles Lakers 4, Orlando Magic 1 8.4

[edit]Record highs























Part of this maybe the network in which most of the greater ratings were with NBC but it's mostly the product. The NBA needs Kobe vs LeBron to meet. If LeBron joins Chicago the chance become pretty good that it could happen next season. They have tried for years to get the match up but the CAVS just were not good enough to advance. 

So don't believe for a minute when David Stern hopes LeBron stays in Cleveland that he's being honest. Had the Cavs and Lakers met the ratings would be through the roof but the fact is Cleveland is getting worse and they will continue to get worse. Time is now for LeBron to start winning and carrying the NBA after Kobe leaves. The League needs a star and Kobe can't do it forever. MJ tried. 

This is why LeBron signing with the Bulls makes so much sense. They can take over for the Lakers when father time catches. Which by the looks of it maybe in 2 years or so. For Boston this might be it. 

Having LeBron in Chicago with Rose, Noah and a young group could keep the league going for years to come while the LA's and the Boston's are rebuilding. The numbers show that Chicago in the finals is great for ratings and combine that with the superstar like LeBron then that marriage could keep the league very healthy. 

Remaking the 90's might not be a bad idea. 

The 80's remake is getting old. 

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