So What's Next...

We have our coach.  A pretty good selection IMO, the strong rep throughout the league as a great defensive mind and teacher, has me excited.  We don't know much about his offensive game plan, but apparently it blew GarPax away, and is based on the "drive and kick"  Not much else is known, we don't really have an idea of the type of player he likes or anything.  I can't wait for this series to be over, so I can hear him speak about the job.

So if everything goes right, what type of roster do u think we will be looking at?....

In the draft, I think we go SG/SF.  The bigs that will be there will be projects, I don't want any parts of Hassan Whiteside, Daniel Orton, or Solomon Alabi.   With the moves we make this offseason we're going to need someone to produce right away, and we'll need someone who can hit the open 3.  I would love to get a late 1st or early 2nd in this draft because I think there are guys that can help at the PG too.

I've seen the light on getting 2 max guys.  Sign Lebron outright and S&T for Bosh, but I'm not giving up Deng, Kirk, Taj, JJ, and our 1st for him.  No doubt, Bosh is worth it, but Toronto has absolutely no leverage in these talks.  I give them Deng, JJ and a future protected 1st.

If u add James and Bosh to D.Rose and Noah, and ur new coach wants to run an offense based on the "drive and kick", then Kirk Hinrich isn't going to work at SG.  My 1st option would be S&T for Ray Allen.  If Boston doesn't win, will he stay or could he be tempted to try for another ring.  Boston was interested in Hinrich before the trade deadline, and I'm sure you could make salaries match for Allen. But I see him as a longshot, and we may have a better solution.

A more probable solution may be sliding into these Golden St. - Minnesota trade rumors.  The latest I saw, was Randolph and GS #6 going to Minnesota for Jefferson and #4.  But salaries don't match, they're way off. We can help them match things up, and get a couple bench pieces in the process. 

Golden State gets Kirk Hinrich, Al Jefferson, Minny's #4 and #45

Minnesota gets Anthony Randolph, Monta Ellis, and Chi's #17

Chicago gets Corey Brewer, Anthony Morrow (S&T $4 mil), Brandon Wright, Minny's #23, and GS's #34

I don't think this would be an unfair deal for anyone.  U guys let me know, u always do...

So by the start of next season, I hope the Bulls lineup looks like this:

PG D.Rose / Armon Johnson (#34) Nevada 6'3 lefty PG, that can score and distribute, plays good D

SG Morrow / Dominique Jones (#23) USF 6'4" combo guard, think a better Rodney Stukey

SF James / Brewer

PF Bosh / Gibson / Wright

C Noah / Asik

Using the 2nd plan, we would still have about $2 mil to spend on some vet insurance.

So what do u do next?...

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