How will we use what we got to get what we want?

I know I shouldn't and because I am thinking like this, I'm probably jinxing us like SH!T, but....

If everything about the Lebron sales meetings are true and we are last, it's perfect.  By the time we get to Lebron we should already have one bird in hand, just an added treat for Gar Paxdorf to entice him with.  If reports are true and we are set to meet Chris Bosh soon after the 12:01am starting time, then this is even better.  Bosh gets to feel like he's Priority #1, when really he's just big bait.

I think we can pull it off, I think we can get Lebron and Bosh.  So I want you to allow yourself to dream for a second.  I know I'm not the only one who has thought about this.

After getting these 2 Max guys, we won't have any cap space left, except for minimum salaries.  That is, if we just go out and just sign them, no trades.  My question to you guys is how would you put the whole team together? What combination of signings and/or trades would you use?  What do your 2010-2011 Bulls look like?

Now I will start off with a base of guys that I think will be here from last year's team:

PG D.Rose



PF Gibson

C Noah

As you can see, I think Deng and James Johnson are gone at some point during this process.

Now, here's comes the fun part.  How do we fill in the blanks, while only losing Deng and James Johnson.  This is the great part of having that a week before anything is official.  IF you can lock down your commitments early, then you have time to work things out, while watching how the rest of the market plays out.  By most reports, we should have our guys locked up pretty early on in the process.

Step 1: Sign Lebron straight up, forget about any S&T with Cleveland, they don't even have a HC, just come in give him the pitch.  Adding that we have already talked to Chris Bosh and he is already on board.  Max contract -- 5 yrs 96 mil

Step 2: This is where I love hearing that Bosh is our 1st visit.  We go to him as our 1st priority, and get him to agree to a sign and trade deal.  Works 2 ways in our favor, he's now will be paid more than Lebron (which I think is important to him, to get that total Max) and it doesn't look like he a compliment, it looks like he is big "PART" of a championship "process" (I even used Gar Paxdorf lingo).. This gives Toronto GM Byran Coangelo a whole week to figure out a way to get the most of what he can for Bosh, while also allowing the chips to fall.

Someone missing out on Lebron, Wade, or JJ, will overpay for Rudy Gay, someone who missed out will need a quality SF or a sub for the one they lost, someone will have made a move or two that allows them to add payroll.  And let's not forget Coangelo came up with that monster 4-Team trade last year.  So this is what I propose to grab Bosh and a little help: **DISCLAIMER** Parts may be needed to even everything out

A four team deal involving Bulls - Raptors - Clippers - Orlando

Chi Gets: PF Chris Bosh from Tor, Mickael Pietrus from Orl, and some future considerations and/or cash

Tor Gets: C Chris Kaman from LAC, SF James Johnson from Chi, future 1 rounders from Chi and Orl

LAC Gets: SF Luol Deng from Chi, C Marcin Gortat from Orl and some future considerations and/or cash

Orl Gets: SF Hedo Turkglo, and some future considerations and/or cash

We now look like this:

PG D.Rose / ?

SG M. Pietrus / ?

SF Lebron / ?

PF Bosh / Gibson

C Noah / ?

Step 3: Sign O. Asik, and pick up 4 of the guys off our summer league.  I think Bouldin, Samuels, Byers, and Almond make the cut.  Sign a vet PG at the minimum to fill out the roster, someone like Steve Blake or Chris Duhon.

Leaving us like this, team looks title worthy to me:

PG D.Rose / S. Blake / M.Bouldin

SG M. Pietrus / M. Almond

SF Lebron / D. Byers

PF Bosh / Gibson / S. Samuels

C Noah / O. Asik

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