Eddy Curry for Lebron James


Just had to have a catchy title for having a little fun with this post.  What occurred to me was that New York is the only other team that has more money to work with than the Bulls. 

They would have even more to work with if they didn’t have Eddy Curry.  Which got me thinking, wow, did our trade of Eddy Curry inadvertently lead to Bosh/Amare/JJ/don’t care as long as we fill the 2 and 4 we will be great/Lebron team of the future?

So who wants to play a game as a nice diversion from all of the FA talk?

Assumptions for this exercise:  We walk away after this FA signing period with at least a Championship contending team.  (not concerned about your favorite FA here, assume you got what you wanted)

Game:  Find a trade or move that was supposed to be

a)      a “salary” dump

b)      a “oops, I got the talent wrong”

c)       a “covering my *ss because I f’ed up before”

d)      a “I tried to keep him, but I couldn’t”

e)      a “they are talented, but we can’t work together”

f)       basically anything that was perceived as a "save face" move

and let’s see if it actually contributed to this great situation we are in now (and how).  Who knows, maybe we find out a bad trade is a bad trade, or a bad trade is just a future good one (because someone is bound to make their own bad move). 

Mine is pretty simple:

October 4-2005-The Chicago Bulls convey to the New York Knicks the contract of Antonio Davis and the signed-and-traded contract of Eddy Curry. In exchange, New York conveys to Chicago the contracts of Tim Thomas and Michael Sweetney, the signed-and-traded contract of Jermaine Jackson, and New York’s regular second round draft choice in 2007 and 2009.

The draft picks are hard to follow, but it’s safe to say that they still have Curry and we didn’t receive that much of a cap hit (this year).  So relative to only this upcoming free agent period, and with the above assumption that we walk out with a Championship caliber team, this “save face" trade actually helped greatly (what if NY had another 10Mil).  We THOUGHT at the time it was to save face on the negotiations that went south and the medical thing, it turned out, that NY having that contract was much better than we thought…

Got one?


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