UPDATE: Bouldin signed Who do we pick up as undrafted free agents?

UPDATE: Sham reports that Matt Bouldin signed with Bulls, and Samardo Samuels to the Summer League roster.

So we're all pretty happy about getting rid of Kirk's contract to open up 2 Max space, but we'll still have to get some other guys to complete a bench.  So out of the undrafted guys who do we pick up?

Reports r that we r looking at Duhon as backup PG.  If we pick up Lebron, Deng is probably being moved to Orlando for Pietrus and Gortat, (look at them grabbing Orton at the end of the 1st).  And I think James Johnson gets moved at some point in time during free agency in S&T.  So that would leave us needing a back up SG, a swingman SG/SF, and probably another big man. 

Some guys I thought of as the draft ended:

Mikhail Torrance.  Everyone had this guy as a sleeper pick.  He's a 6'5" combo guard, that can handle the rock, doesn't shoot all that well right now, but everyone says that his form is on point, he just needs work.  And he has the size, quickness and athletic ability to be a very good defender.

Omar Samhan.  U might have gotten a look at this guy during the tourney.  He's a legit 6'11, 265 guy with post up moves and an improving face up game.  He's also a pretty good rebounder on both ends of the floor.  Not the athlete that many want, but I think he could be a valuable big man for us.  Plus he's a hard worker, u know he gonna work his butt off to keep getting better.

Charles Garcia.  I remember this guy being talked about as a lottery pick during the season, his stock dropped because of personality issues.  But he is still worth a nice long look, when u can get a guy that is 6'10, 230 with the offense, rebounding ability, and athleticism he has.  I think a lot of his problems came from the fact that he basically got bored with the competition.  Like a really smart kid, that ends up in trouble, because he's not being challenged in the classroom.

Scottie Reynolds.  I don't know how he didn't get drafted.  The dude is like the Cris Carter of college basketball, he just makes winning plays.  I know he had a tough NCAA Tourney, but look at the whole career, and u see a guy that made a huge impact on Villanova turning into a top team.  He's a competitor, and I like that.  He's gonna do whateva is asked of him to make his team better. 

Matt Bouldin.  6'5, 214, combo guard with a good feel for the game, and nice outside shot.  Doesn't have elite athleticism but he gets the job done.  Tough defender, very good court awareness.

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