Bulls Offseason Headlines

We did a thread like this for the mid season, so why not an offseason one? Any of these headlines could be on the newspapers and websites throughout this offseason. Feel free to reply with your own.


May 9: Bulls To Hold Press Conference To Announce Beggining of Coaching Search
Chicago Bulls GM Gar Foreman and VP of Basketball Operations will be holding a press conference at 11:00AM Tuesday on Comcast Sportsnet. They are expected to announce that they will be starting the process of looking for a new head basketball coach to replace Vinny Del Negro. Del Negro, who wishes to once more thank the organization for his chance, is also expected to be at the conference.


May 15: Bulls set to Interview Jackson, Van Gundy, Hinrich
The Bulls have been busy in their search for a new coach, interviewing candidates such as Doug Collins, Pete Myers, Lindsey Hunter, Kevin McHale, and Lawrence Funderburke. Within the next several days, reportedly, the Bulls will interview former Bulls and Lakers championship coach Phil Jackson and Jeff Van Gundy for the coaching position. They will also be interviewing gaurd Kirk Hinrich, who will be considered as a player-coach. Others in line to interview this week are former Bulls coaches Tim Floyd and Vinny Del Negro, as well as Byron Scott, Doc Rivers, and Dragan Tarlac.


May 27: Bulls Introduce Kevin McHale as new Head Coach
The coaching search for the Bulls came to an end last night, when the team announced Kevin McHale as the new head coach. McHale's official title will be Special Assistant to Vice President of Basketball Operations In Charge of Coaching Operations. McHale has had previous success as a head coach. He has already been endorsed by several players, including Kirk Hinrich, who said McHale could "be a real glue guy".


June 24: Bulls Trade Out of Draft
The Bulls traded their only draft pick of the year to the Indiana Pacers in exchange for cash considerations. Reportedly, Gar Forman was close to selecting SG Xavier Henry, but VP of Basketball Operations John Paxson reccomended trading the pick. "I actually got a call from Scott Skiles, who is a good friend of mine" noted Paxson. "He thought that we really needed an athletic young power forward, with emphisis on the points of defense and rebounding, but with no players that we liked that fit that bill available, Gar decided that the best move was to trade the pick."


June 30: Bulls Begin Targeting Free Agents
The Bulls have been waiting for this free agent class for over three years now, and they are not aiming to disapoint. The will be reportedly visiting, and possibly offering contracts to LeBron James, Joe Johnson, David Lee, Chris Bosh, Ben Wallace, Dwayne Wade, and Ray Allen within the next two days.


July 2: James to Bulls a "Done Deal"
Reports from sources close to the teams have been flying out of Cleveland and Chicago that LeBron James will be signing a maximum contract to join the Chicago Bulls later today. James, the two time MVP, did not immediatley return calls or emails reguarding the reports.


July 3: James Deal Not Happening, Player Says Bulls Wont Let Him Wear His Headband
LeBron James agreed to the terms of the Bulls contract, but the Bulls didn't agree to his. Reports say that James would have signed with the Bulls if the organization was willing to waive it's "no headband" policy. James wears a headband to keep the sweat out of his eyes. John Paxson did not comment on the possible James deal, but Gar Forman did read the following to the media this morning: "We as an organization have specific rules in place. We don't break those rules for any one player or any number of players. -John Paxson".


July 7th: Huge Sign and Trade, Bosh and James to Change Teams
LeBron James and Chris Bosh, both who the Bulls had shown interest in, have been signed and traded for each other. The news will be made public tomorrow when the Raptors and Cavaliers have a joint press conference in Toronto. Brian Coangelo excitedly noted "we didn't just add the best player in the game. We also just signed every official in the NBA."


July 8: Big Day for Bulls, Team Re-Signs Three Players
The Bulls, who have been quiet so far this offseason, have re-signed three players to return. Brad Miller, Joe Alexander, and Jannero Pargo will all officially be announced as returning at a press conference with Gar Forman, Kevin McHale, and John Paxson later this evening.


July 11: Bulls Sign Amare Stoudemire, Anthony Morrow
Years of preparing for the summer of 2010 has paid of , as the Chicago Bulls signed All-Star Amare Stoudemire to pair with Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah. In his introduction to the press, Stoudemire has said that he is excited to join the team and to play with Derrick Rose. "I think we're the favorite to win the East, and maybe the whole thing" said Stoudemire. The deal is a maximum contract. The Bulls also announced the signing of fan favorite Anothony Morrow, a sharp shooting 2-gaurd. "They couldn't hit a three last year, and that's what i'll bring to the team" said Morrow.


July 17: Bulls' Stoudemire Injured In His Home, Will Miss Season
Bulls recent offseason signing Amare Stoudemire fell down 11 flights of stairs in his newly purchased Chicago home. MRIs showed 11 broken bones, and he also has a sprained wrist and ankel. Stoudemire will miss the upcomming season to rehab and is a game time decision for opening day the following season.


July 28: Bulls re-sign Chris Richard
The Bulls needed to make a move after losing Stoudemire for the year, and today have re-signed PF Chris Richard. It was announced earlier today.


August 1: Bulls extend Rose, Noah, Hinrich
The Bulls made a big splash today, giving Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah, and Kirk Hinrich maximum contract extensions. GM Gar Forman said "we'll be contending for years now, especially when we get Amare back". Hinrich, who still had 3 years left on his old deal, will start his new contract when his current one ends.

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