And now for something totally different...

I recently started a blog for following the Bulls, as I'm one of the only remaining true Red and Black fans left in my country. Below is the first article I posted, where I talk about how I grew up following the Bulls through the good and bad. Thought it'd be refreshing to read something Bulls-related that isn't about the upcoming Lebronapalooza (because it's about to get a lot worse in the future)

And if you're feeling nostalgic about your own Bulls memories, feel free to write about your own stories in the comments!


In Retrospect, This Blog Has Been a Long Time Coming.

As a 24-year old man-child born and raised in the Philippines, it was inevitable that I would soon have a love affair with basketball. The sport was (and still is) everywhere! Some of my fondest memories growing up were of playing basketball with classmates, cousins, my dad. Pretty much anyone who knew how to dribble!

But this is a blog about the Chicago Bulls. And oh my, has that team given me a lot of great and bittersweet memories.

The Bulls were a constant in my life. When I was a young buck in Grade school, the Bulls were racking up championships quicker than Hedo Turkoglu can go through a pre-game pizza. What more needs to be said about the Jordan era? In a bizarre twist of events, some of my uniquely memorable times following Chicago were during the horror years post-MJ. Yep, the team which had Toni Kukoc as it’s “franchise player” for a season. A team that considered signing Eddie Robinson after missing out on Duncan and Grant Hill in 2000. The squad that drafted Eddy Curry and traded Elton Brand for Tyson Chandler. A team that had Ron Mercer as it’s primetime scorer, and Jalen Rose as the veteran (shudder) presence and scorer. The squad that had a promising Jay Williams, then tragically lost his potential in a boneheaded motorcycle accident.

Along the way I also got to know personally the games of  Marcus Fizer, Dalibor Bagaric, Eric Piatkowski, Mike Sweetney, Khalid El-Amin, Jameson Curry, Rick Brunson, Fred Hoiberg, Donyell Marshall, Trenton Hassell. This was not good.

I saw how Chicago squandered the potential by cutting ties with Ron Artest, Brad Miller, Jamal Crawford, and to a certain extent Curry and Chandler.

And now, we are seeing change in Bulls basketball which began in 2003 with the drafting of Kirk Hinrich. And along the way, we got Ben Gordon, Luol Deng, Ben Wallace, Joakim Noah and Taj Gibson. 4 of those 6 players form the core of our squad.

And Derrick Rose is the superstar.

The upcoming off-season promises to be the most crucial one in Bulls history ever since the moment before selecting Michael Jordan with the 3rd pick in the ’84 draft. We know all about Lebron James. But who will fortify the frontcourt? Will we ever get the highly coveted 3pt shooting SG with size? What about the bench?

So many questions. Good thing we can all see it unfold before our eyes. And good for me that I have a blog to chronicle every little thing.

Chi ‘Til I Die (which in the future will be referenced as CTID) is going to be a blog about the Bulls moving forward. And along the way, a chronicle of the other Bulls memories I still have stuck in my head. Along the way though, I’ll be covering other areas of the NBA, as my love affair with basketball is not limited to the Bulls alone (it’s probably at 90%)

Chi ‘Til I Die, indeed.

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