3 Team Trade Idea

I like the idea of getting both Lebron and Bosh, but I don't like what the depth would look like if that were to happen.  So I've been trying to figure out how we could get Chris Bosh in sign and trade, and still get some quality depth. (It's funny that I've already made it a forgone conclusion that Lebron signs here)

Then I saw this article:

And also remembered seeing these lil tidbits:

"The Raptors did have some previous talks with the Warriors, who have several interesting pieces. Though Bosh apparently had no interest in going there." -- Sam Smith column

"If Golden State needs a point guard, the Bulls have long been interested in Al Harrington (whose deal is up in 2010). A straight swap for Kirk Hinrich makes some sense. The salaries match up, but the problem is, Harrington's deal is up in 2010, while Hinrich is on the books till 2012. The Warriors might not want to take on that much salary."-- from 2 years back

"Memphis offered the Warriors O.J. Mayo in exchange for Ellis at the trade deadline and the Bulls offered Kirk Hinrich. Golden State turned down both deals, but the Warriors probably should have taken either because Ellis is most likely correct: If the Warriors are going to win, it is not going to be with him and Curry in the backcourt together."-- trading deadline this year


Then came up with this: (Only in connection with signing Lebron)


What if we can get GS involved in a 3 way deal, that looks like this:

Toronto Gets:

Andris Biedrins, Corey Maggette, and Luol Deng

GS Gets:

Kirk Hinrich and Hedo Turkoglu

Chi Gets:

Chris Bosh and Anthony Morrow

Toronto does this because they get rid of Turkoglu, and get a legit C and SF out the deal.  Biedrins comes in to play down low and let Bargnani be the stretch PF, Deng gives them a stablizing force at SF to team up with Bargnani. And Magette can be a nice addition off the bench. 

GS does this because it gives them a lead guard to team with Curry that can guard a SG and a big SF that can handle the rock and shoot the 3.  I just see Turkoglu as a perfect Nellie guy.  It also gives them a lil extra ammo in case they want to unload Ellis on someone during the rest of the offseason.

Chicago does this because we lose minimum assets in gaining Bosh.  If we sign Lebron, it makes Deng expendable, and we'd be getting the spot up shooter we need, while keeping Taj to back up Bosh, and still having cap space to chase after another SG or whatever we may need to fill out the bench. 

I know the salaries pretty much matchup, and I guess some picks can be thrown in to make things even sweeter.

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