Doug Thonus weighs in on Vinny

As we approach the decision on Vinny Doug Thonus weighs in.  Thonus warns us regarding the next coach, buyer be aware

...... but I tell you now Bulls fans, be careful what you wish for.   It can be a lot worse than Vinny Del Negro.  He's no where near as bad as you think and given his experience when starting this job, I think he greatly overachieved.

I would not be heartbroken if Vinny was fired but he has improved.  As Doug Thonus states

I know people will come back and complain about his timeouts, plays out of timeouts, overall offensive strategy and a million other things, but he hasn't run himself out of timeouts that I recall since the 2009 playoffs, fans always view rotations via hindsight, and the pick and roll is a good overall strategy to teach Rose.

There likely is a coach who would be better than Vinny.  I just do not know who that is.  I also believe we could be pining for Vinny next February as the next coach messes with the progress this team has made.  The Bulls did play hard all season,  Thonus again

The number one thing any coach can do for a ball club is to make the team play hard.    That's the first thing every successful coach needs to do, and it's something Vinny has accomplished.   The Bulls played hard all season.

Thonus also believes Vinny did impact player development in a very positive way.

However, other than myself, I don't think many people had Joakim Noah ahead of Tyrus as a player, and few people (certainly I wasn't one of them though I blogged that management thought he was based on some inside sources) had Taj Gibson anywhere being a starting caliber talent.

I was screaming my head off for Gibson to be benched and Tyrus to be played more early in the season, but how stupid does that look now?   Gibson became a quality third big man and at least a guy who can be a 4th or 5th starter on a team who's primary talent is at other positions.   He did that largely because Del Negro kept playing him even when things weren't going well.

Gibson made himself, but Del Negro gave him the chance to do it.   He did what we always want a coach to do.  He played the guys who were important to the future (Johnson excluded) and gave them more opportunities.   Whether he genuinely had more faith in them or had some management direction, his season wide rotation helped the Bulls considerably when preparing for the future.

In the next few hours to days we should know Vinny's fate.  Most likely he will be fired.  Who, who, who is obviously better than Vinny?

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