Ric Bucher on LeBron

Here's the insider linkhere's the bootlegged link. (can't do that -ed.)

Notable quotes:

[Cleveland's] team power structure supposedly has looked like this: owner Dan Gilbert, GM Danny Ferry and head coach Mike Brown.

With James standing just below Gilbert and just above Ferry.

Two opposing GMs, without citing specific examples, said they know James has vetoed deals Ferry would have made over the past few years.  

Meanwhile, the acquisitions of Larry Hughes, Mo Williams, Shaquille O'Neal and Antawn Jamison all have been made at James' behest, sources say. 

That's why, while sources say it's true that mortgage-broker/friend-to-the-stars William Wesley is shopping James to teams in a package with Kentucky coach John Calipari, for a franchise to actually buy that two-fer would be a blatant attempt to acquire James' value-improving quotient without considering the consequences. One report had Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling willing to give James that authority, which fits with Sterling's modus operandi.

Anyone believing the Chicago Bulls would promise James he could hire his head coach doesn't know owner Jerry Reinsdorf or the franchise's history during Jordan's era. Jordan, after all, didn't want Jackson to replace Doug Collins as head coach, despised the deal that sent his good friend Charles Oakley to the Knicks for Bill Cartwright and had legendary contempt for GM Jerry Krause.

Six rings later …

"Jerry will never, ever turn the franchise over to a player," said one former Bull. "Ever."

Okay so I basically quoted the whole article.  Not a whole lot of breaking news there, but I hadn't heard that LeBron was vetoing trades, or that Sterling would give LeBron full reign.  And this was the first attempt I've seen at confirming Reinsdorf won't bend for LeBron, and it supports McGraw's story that Calipari isn't on Reinsdorf's wishlist.

As for the constant William Wesley references on ESPN lately, you can read more about him here, or find a colossal amount of info at TrueHoop.  Scoop Jackson calls him the most powerful man in basketball, and MJ's agent David Falk calls him one of the three most powerful.  Worth a read imo.  

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