How the Warriors screwed over Toronto...

This is a Warriors fan...and you're welcome. We're glad we screwed over those Canadian idiots.

Now, Bosh is going to leave. Toronto has Turkgolu signed to an ugly 55mil contract for the next 5 years (ouch). Bargnani and Calderon are signed to similar contracts. The point is that Toronto no longer has Bosh, and is stuck with a ton of cap space and is a place no FA wants to go to. If any player does sign there, chances are they will be heavily overpaid. No way Toronto is going to stay above .500 with the schedule they have. First they go 4-2, the Bulls retake the 8th spot, Bosh vents AGAIN...and leaves to an FA destination...aka- Miami, Chicago, NY, etc etc. 

You probably already know this.

The point of this post is that I want to help clarify some things about free agency:

-Over the summer, the cap space will go down.

This means that the teams that went to excruciating lengths to dump off low salary players just to have 'enough' to sign a big FA, such as NY, Miami, Washington- will be at a loss because the cap space could go down as much as 10 mil. Who are the winners? The smaller-cap space cities- Chicago, Atlanta, Toronto, Sacramento, Houston, etc-

The teams that bought into the offseason dealing but did not go to extreme lengths to find extra cap space.

-Where do superstars want in? Now, first of all- let me tell you this: Bosh was the one, back near the end of last year, that predicted 'the result of free agency was going to be everyone staying where they are now'. Obviously, asking him the same thing now would result in a totally different answer. Bosh, for sure wants out. The Raptors have been .500 or sub forever and Colangelo always struggles to put a decent amount of talent around him.

I'll tell you this-We, the Warriors as an organization, have probably found better, more talented role players out of the D-league than Colangelo has found in 3 years from the Euroleague & the NBA draft.

Bargnani is one of the most worthless bigs in the league- yes, despite his shooting %s.

Calderon is the worst example of a one-dimensional player you could have at his position.

They have not found any decent talent in the NBA draft. Demar Derozan, who was one of my favorite players at USC,

has had a horrible start and hasn't shown many flashes of a multi-faceted game or improvement. In fact, his numbers are usually dead hollow- similar to that of Bosh's.

What hollow numbers mean is that a player that can put up 20 and 10 nightly (i.e, David Lee, Bosh, etc.) needs to be on a team where there is a player that is a better leader and better player than them.

Do you see where I am going with this?

There are not many teams that have better players than Bosh. At this point in time with Bosh's potential and ability, I just cannot say that Derrick Rose is better than Chris Bosh- as good as Rose is, I think Bosh is a better player- not because of his numbers, but because of his experience and the ugly supporting cast that he has had to work with for the past 7 years.

But, I think Dwayne Wade IS a much better player than Bosh. Bosh is obviously not even in that category with Wade, Bosh, Melo, and Lebron.

I think Miami would be the perfect fit for Bosh in terms of being a free agent. But one thing I am confident about:

The Raptors are screwed. Turkgolu's production has been horrible. Everyone's production has been horrible. Bosh's stats are horrible. And the Bulls are back into full swing.

Goodbye, Toronto. That organization is going to be the next us. No talent, no good draft selection- they are going to be horrible for a long time. Of course, we have our share of ugly contracts, like Corey Magette or Andris Biedrins. We also have Monta Ellis signed to a rather large contract, but he isn't bad. In fact, I was wondering if you guys even wanted Ellis. Of course, you're probably wondering about whether his stats are a factor on a contending team...

Here is what Ellis needs to be effective:

-A big backcourt mate (i.e, Baron Davis a couple years ago)

-To be a 6th man or starter and the be in a rotation with a big off guard (i.e, Jason Richardson a few years back)

-So, if you guys DO sign Joe Johnson or someone similar to him, 6-6 along with Rose, Ellis would really solidify your bench production-he really isn't a bad player.

You'll hear us complaining about Ellis, but that's only because Curry starts to become invisible as Ellis can be a bit ball dominant. He is efficient, though... Just the type of player to volume shoot IF you give him too many shots. It will never happen with Rose and will never happen with Johnson...IF you get Johnson, who is already on an established, young playoff team that really only needs one piece to become a contender- a big man...

Anyway, speaking of Curry- I've seen him being called Ray Allen 2.0 here- totally false...

Here are some rumors that are untrue about Curry:

-He's a catch-and-shoot player

No, he's not- unlike Allen, Curry isn't forced to furiously work w/o the ball- he has some very good moves to get himself open- but he excells at creating off the dribble and shooting in traffic, unlike allen at times.

-He doesn't play defense

This is totally false. Curry may be way too small, but he's not exactly soft- he plays D pretty well and clamps down as much as possible- as much as his body allows him. Remember the game vs Utah? Curry shot 6-16, an off-night, and Williams nearly had 20 assists. It could have been labeled as a poor defensive effort by Curry, who by the way-that game, held Williams to single digits on 1-10 shooting-but it was a poor defensive effort by the Warriors.

-He's a role player

No, he's a point guard. I wish I could dount how many of his passes go unfinished per game, how many are missed, open layups, and how many get blocked because our C at the time is a 6-9 d-leaguer. I guarentee you that his assists would mysteriously skyrocket next year, especially if we trade Ellis.


Well,'re Chitown...


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