I Don't Want Lebron..

And it's not because I think he's a jerk, honestly I think the dancing around is funny.  It's not because I wouldn't welcome him with open arms if he chose to sign here in the summer (I secretly wish he does).  It's because to me, he has become the new "Isiah Thomas".  That annoying superstar on the rival team that u just can't get past yet.  I'd rather build a team to smash him, than let him join our squad.  Here's my offseason plan to do just that....


First of all, I think we have to make a trade before or during the draft, before free agency.  We have to have a piece in place before or soon after free agency starts.  In my opinion, it gives us the best chance of getting 2 high quality guys.

Out of the Big 3:

Of course u know I don't want the Drama King.LOL.. (The only good thing to ever come out of Skip Bayless' mouth)

I think u can probably take us out the Chris Bosh sweepstakes.  If they want a sign and trade, (which he's agreeing to for no other reason than to get that full 6 yr money. Please don't believe that wanting to work with the GM crap) we don't have pieces that they would want unless we add a 3rd team.  Deng and Hinrich are our most valuable pieces, throw in our 1st and James Johnson, maybe Taj.  They want a big man to put at center with Bargnani. They already have Jack and Calderon at PG, and DeRozan, Weems, and Turkolu playing the SF.  So that will be pretty hard to swing.

Here's the thing, and the reason I think we need to strike quickly.  D. Wade will be patient, he won't sign anywhere until he sees what the Heat r doing.  The Heat's main targets will be the same as ours, Bosh, Stoudemire, Boozer or Lee. Hopefully, Bulls management has figured out the same thing.

Let's fast forward a couple of weeks The Finals are winding down and the draft is approaching.  I figure by then we have fired VDN and hired our new coach.  If we r truly going big, and that's what this is post all about, (Smallball version coming soon) then I think we definitely need to hire a coach with experience.  In that case, I'd want to hire Byron Scott.  Scott seems like the offensive kind of coach we need and, he seems like a player's coach, which I think our guys react best to.  I would make sure I had an assistant whose specialties were taking care of details and defense tho, as I've heard that Scott may be too lax sometimes.  Would love to see him combo with his old rival Bill Laimbeer on the bench, or maybe team him up with former teammate Michael Cooper, why not both?  We won't need Bernie Bickerstaff or Bob Ociepka anymore.  It would definitely bring not only coaching experience but playoff tested experience.

I think Stoudemire signs an extension, if I was him I would, for 3 more years.  The Suns will make it into the 2nd round and they finally seem to want him.  So take him off the list. 

Now, the Heat do have the pieces to probably pull off a Bosh trade, but does Bosh want to be 2nd banana?  He has said he doesn't, but if it's a chance he could play with D.Wade or Kobe, I would think he would strongly reconsider.  And after the Lakers don't win a championship(my bold prediction), they could throw together the best trade offer, and let's no't forget about NY.  This is where we have to be prepared, while the price is haggled over Bosh, we make our move for..... Boozer.

Even tho both sides have said they want to work something out, u know Utah management is not trying to see that.  It's going to take at least 14 mil to keep him.  He made just over 12 this year.  They would have Boozer and Millsap making around 22 mil of their 56 mil cap space.  And this is the one team where Deng and Hinrich's "grittiness" will be highly valued.  Offer Utah Hinrich, Deng, and James Johnson/ #18 pick for Boozer, CJ Miles, and Kostas Koufos.  Sign Boozer to a 5 yr/ $73 - 75 mil deal.

Hinrich can provide a nice complement to Williams in the Jazz backcourt, Deng and AK47 can platoon the 3 spot.  They'll probably want the pick, more than James Johnson, because they have no 1st rounder.  We get Boozer, our low post scorer.  Yea, I know he's older(29 to 26), but I think they both have some softness to em, I just hope that being on true championship team will keep him motivated.  Offensively he is the equal of Bosh, defensively we'll lose out, because of Bosh's length, but I don't think we lose much in rebounding between the two.  Along with Boozer, we get a guy who can start at SF if needed and shoot the 3 for spacing, and a big, athletic kid, who may or may not pan out.

Let's say the Heat, some how win the Bosh trade battle royal, the 3 main teams with cap space will look something like this:

Bulls:                                                                               Heat:                                       Knicks:

PG D.Rose / ?                                                               PG Chalmers / ?                  PG Toney Douglas / ?

SG ? / ?                                                                           SG ? / ?                                  SG Bill Walker/ ?

SF Miles / Johnson                                                       SF ? / ?                                   SF Gallinari / Chandler

PF Boozer / Gibson                                                       PF Bosh / ?                           PF ? / ?

C  Noah / Koufos / Asik                                                C ? / ?                                      C Curry / ?

At this point in time, u put the full court press on D.Wade... "If like u said u "don't want to be losing in the 1st round for a long while" what lineup looks the best?"..  "With the cap being higher than expected, even after we sign u we can still go out and get at least one, and possibly two more pieces."  The whole time keeping an eye on the Joe Johnson negotiations, because I don't think anybody moves until Bosh goes.  He'll be the domino that starts the whole process, not James.  James will be quick, he'll either leave or stay.

While we're waiting for an answer, go out and pick up hometown boys Q. Rich and Shaun Livingston.  I know Q made $8 mil this year, and could probably take someone's MLE for 5.5, but how much sweeter would it be to come home and battle for a championship for 3 yrs/ $12 - 14 mil.  He'll give us a nice option at the 3 and can back up at the 2.  Doesn't hurt that he and D.Wade r friends either.  Livingston comes home to back up Rose. I would think 2 yrs/ $2.5 - 5 mil, would be good enough.  He could handle the rock, let Rose play off the ball, and plays good D.  He may not be as explosive after the knee injury, but he's still an above average PG that's 6'7. 

Which leaves looking like this:

PG D.Rose / Livingston

SG ? / Richardson

SF Miles / Richardson / Johnson

PF Boozer / Gibson

C Noah / Koufos / Asik

U could play Joe Johnson and D.Wade against each other.  Either would be the final piece to a pretty damn strong team, and could both still get max money.  It wouldn't be the "sign and trade" max, but at that point who really cares.  Whoever signs on with that roster between the 2 would automatically make that a championship contender. 

We could potentially miss out on both and sign some combo of Ray Allen, Anthony Morrow, Kyle Korver, JJ Redick, Kelenna Azubike, Mike Miller, or Josh Howard and still be Top 4 in the East with that lineup.

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