Wade not a shoo-in to return to Miami (UPDATED)

[Update by your friendly BullsBlogger, 04/29/10 12:14 PM CDT: From Wade himself: "My heart is here and anybody who knows me, I'm mostly heart more so than anything. My heart is in Miami. If everything works out, I will be in Miami." So that's not good. (ht: PBT)]

We are entering anything can happen free agency season.  I remember when Baron Davis decided to go the LA Clippers to join Elton Brand.  Well before the dust settled Elton was in Philly.  The Miami Herald is reporting that the Bulls still have a shot at Wade.  Our lucky 1.7% Rose gift impacts Wade I believe more than our coach chaos.

The biggest threat, it would appear, to snagging Wade away from the Heat is his hometown team, the Chicago Bulls.

Reason being, they have a superstar in place to play beside him and a supporting cast already better than the Heat figures it can afford to put around him in Miami next year. The most aggravating part about that if you're a Heat fan is just how close the Heat was to having Derrick Rose and Wade as teammates in Miami.

Rather than benefiting from a miserable 15-win season by getting the top pick and Rose in 2008, the franchise's awful luck landed it the second pick. Had those ping-pong balls bounced Miami's way, not only would this gut-wrenching summer be a non-issue (Wade would never leave if Rose were his backcourt mate) but this season probably wouldn't be close to over.

Instead, the Heat has Beasley and a ton of questions.


Wade has done his best to settle some of those concerns about his possible exit, telling people his heart is in Miami, a thought he reiterated after Tuesday's loss.

But he also said, ``I can't predict the future'' and ``I don't take losing well,'' and ``there is no pressure on me.''

Perhaps his most telling statement was when he boldly proclaimed, ``This will be my last first-round exit for a while.''

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