Bulls/Cavs Series comes to a close. Let us look at the future.

So, another mediocre season is done with and the bulls look to the future to see if it can produce another championship worthy team.

First, lets look at this playoff series vs the Cavs and the player breakdowns:

Tonight, da Bulls lost to the Cavs 96-94 (really 96-92 if it wasnt for that last little no-one-cares-about layup by Deng at the buzzer) and lost the series 1-4.  They played tough, but, it wasn't enough to beat Lebron and the rest of his decent cast.  And, yes, I do say decent cast. 

It's going to be tough for that team to win a championship this year.  They have some amazing three point shooters and then they have Antawn Jamison.  But, other than that, the Bulls have better pieces.  You put Lebron on the Bulls and they could beat the rest of the Cavs any day.  If you cloned Lebron and put him on both teams, the Bulls would beat the Cavs any day. And that's with the Bulls not having three point shooting or a great low-post point producer.


This guy sucks.

Mo Williams is inconsistent.  He is like a worse Kirk Hinrich.  Verajao (i really don't care how to spell his last name) sucks.  Big Z doesn't play.  Shaq is just a walking and talking wall who is as inconsistent as about anyone in this league.  (although he is 38 years old)  He has actually proven to be more hurtful to the Cavs in the first round than helpful.  Delonte West can really light it up, but, not always (he also looks weird, but, hes got nothing on Noah in that department.  And Rondo wins the grand prize there). Moon won't always nail his threes like he did a couple games this series.  Parker is a great role player, so +1 for him.  Again, great three point shooting.  Antawn is finally stepping it up.  And, then there's Lebron.  But, the teams getting older and older and I don't see this team getting better next year.

I think they could win the championship, but, its gonna be a dog fight in the 3rd round.  Luckily, Lebron seems to step it up when necessary, pulling 44 foot 3 pointers out of his ass when he wants to act like the cocky son of a female dog that he is. 

The Bulls played out of their minds for 2 of the 5 games (game 2+3).  Played decently for 1 (game 1).  Played pretty good for another (game 5).  And ran around like fools in another (game 4--and of course, that was the game I attended).  At the end of the day, they only pulled off one against the best player in the NBA and that just means they're going home. 

Derrick Rose proved to be a high scorer and a good showman, but he shot well below 50%.  To me, this just proves that he needs a better team around him.  He is not Lebron/Kobe/Durant/Wade.  He is an amazing attacker/point guard.  He will never be able to shine unless he has a better player around him, or at least a player that can score just as well.  He will probably average 20-25 points in future seasons.  But, I really think he could have 8 to 12 assists a game and become one of the best facilitators out there.  It was no coincidence that he won the skills challenge his rookie season.  He has great vision, but, there's no one on the current bulls team that can help him be apart of the top tier of point guards in the NBA. 

Joakim Noah is the man.  Other than this last game (which he played pretty horribly), he has been the Bulls most consistent player and has really made this team competitive over the past year and a half.  I have no doubt in my mind that he still will improve over the next couple of years, and he will be a force to reckon with come November.  Even when the team lost by 23 points, he kept fighting and ended up with a 21 points/20 rebounds performance. 

Loul Deng is a good role player.  He kind of sucks sometimes and he is not the three point shooter everyone wants him to be. But, he can have great games and if he has a proper coach, he will fulfill his role well.  He should focus on threes and being available to drive to the hoop. If he has any proper future with the Bulls, that's where his value lies.  This series proved he can be very effective.  I think this series also proved that he needs someone to tell him to STOP SHOOTING THOSE GOD-DAMNED 17 FOOT SHOTS.  seriously.

Kirk Hinrich.....well, I'm honestly kind of sick of him.  I hope we do a sign and trade where we can get rid of him.  Trust me, he has been one of my favorite Bulls players since we drafted him in '02.  But, hes on the decline and can never be trusted to have a good night.  Hinrich is by far the most inconsistent player we have and either needs to be redefined as a 3 guard who comes off the bench for perimeter shooting, or he needs to go away pronto.  Best defender on our team does not equal best player on our team.  One night he had 27 points on 9 of 12 shooting.  Another, he was nowhere and shot 3 for 13.  Ugh.  *cue charlie brown music* and/or *facepalm*...your choice.

Taj Gibson frankly sucked in this series.  He just wasn't effective, got into foul trouble, and didn't have very high percentage shooting.  But, I think he will continue to improve and is a GREAT power forward off the bench.  He is a keeper and I hope they don't have to trade him away.

Brad Miller.  Well, I love Brad Miller.  He has the gritty/bluecollaresque way of playing that just fits so well in Chicago.  He brings a great spirit to the team and I think he is a great leader and a great player off the bench. He didn't have the best series, but, thats because he was responsable for the wall formerly known as Shaq.  It doesn't look like he will be with us next season which makes me sad.  I will miss him.  I wish him the best of luck.

Flip Murray is a great role player and a great guard off the bench.  He has proven to be an effective shooter with great vision.  He will be a good perimeter shooter for us and I really hope the Bulls are smart enough to keep him on our roster.  He is definitely a worthy piece of the puzzle and I like his chances.  He actually had a pretty good series, and was a nice spark off the bench when things looked grim.  He may not be the best defender, but, he's got a nice shot and seems like a great guy.



Pargo, go back to your day job.  Helping kids and being all nice and stuff.

Everyone else---go away, I never want to see any of you in a Bulls uniform again.  ESPECIALLY PARGO.  Go back to Germany, or wherever you played.  Frankly, you suck.  I hope you're a nice guy, because that's all you got going for you.  To be fair, I suck at basketball too.  But, I don't play in the NBA.  (I also might have a higher percentage 3 point shot than you...but so does my cat)

The Bulls franchise and their future/ What the roster should look like and who the head coach should be:

For those of you who don't know, this year the Bulls have put themselves in a position to get a very good player via free agency.  They have around 22 million dollars in cap space and could get a superstar.  Here are my top players.



The freaking John Wayne of the future Bulls franchise.

1.  Chris Bosh. He is a great scorer, great defender, and a helluva rebounder.  Him and Noah could be one of the best duos in the paint in the NBA, and Rose/Bosh could gel together almost as well as Lavergne and Shirley. Believe dat.  I really think the Bulls need an incredible power forward/low post presence.  Bosh would take away all of the attention on Rose, and it would be nearly impossible to stop them in the paint.  Also, if we were to obtain a three point shooter, it would give the three shooter ample opportunity to be wide open most of the time.

2.  Dwyane Wade.  People say he plays too similar of a game as Derrick Rose and that they would never mesh well together.  But, I have to disagree.  First of all, he is the very definition of a superstar.  He steps up when his team needs him most, and can put on a SHOW.  He proved it in these playoffs against the Celtics.  He scored 46 points in a game just to keep his team alive.  I actually think matching him up with D. Rose would be able to free both of them up and allow each of them to have the open look more often.  Just look at when Hinrich is playing well at the 2 spot.  Both Hinrich and Rose suddenly look like an unstoppable duo.  Wade would do similar things, but, he would prove to be about a bajillion times better and it would make for some really good t.v.  They would be able to play to each other strengths.  They could even switch at the point sometimes (although Wade would most certainly play the two 95% of the time) Anyway, he's from Chicago.  Who doesn't love a hometown player?

3.  Amare Stoudemire.  He has a great low-post presence.  He's a great shooter.  Done and Done.  He might not be Chris Bosh, but, he's definitely a fantastic player and would look damn good in a Bulls uniform.  Derrick and him could work really well together.  My only concern is his defensive ability.  But, at the end of the day he's better than most and could really make this team A LOT better.  If he doesn't sign that extension with the Suns (like most people expect him to), he has a high chance of being a Bull next year.  Both Bosh and Stoudemire will be approached by Miami and Chicago.  If they both don't go back to their current teams, I think each player will land in one of these cities. That would certainly make me happy.

4.  Carlos Boozer.  I don't have much to say about him.  He's kind of a poor man's Chris Bosh.  But, a very effective one at that.  He could be a fantastic fit for the Bull's offense.  I just don't see him having as much of an impact as a Bosh or a Stoudemire.  He is a high scorer, with great defense.  If Bosh goes to Miami and Stoudemire stays in Pheonix, Boozer could be our man.  If this happens, I would see this as a successful off-season move.  But, it would have to be paired with a great perimeter-shooter.

Those are my top 4.  There is no reason in the world that the Bulls shouldn't be able to land one of them

Top Free Agents that I don't want the Bulls to sign:


This is Johnson after two seasons with the Bulls.

1. Joe Johnson.  He is getting old.  He has played a lot of minutes in his career, which usually proves to bring a steeper decline in quality sooner rather than later.  He does not play good defense.  He is a slightly better Ben Gordon.  Sure, he would make our team better for like 2 years.  But, not championship worthy.  After that, he would turn into Alfonso Soriano and NOBODY wants that.

2.  Ray Allen.  He is getting older. Allen is 34 right now, and plays like hes 28.  So, kudos to him.  But, the Bulls are not the Celtics.  They are not old and desperate.  They don't need to sign a bunch of veterans to win them a championship next year.  They are building a franchise with a young nucleus and should try and continue that trend into the offseason.  Even if they get people in their late twenties, they should be players that can be worth their long and inflated contract.  No need to get an old perimeter shooter.  They can get young players for cheaper contracts that play nearly as well, if not just as well.  Seriously, Allen has injury written all over him.  The Bulls are not this desperate. 

3.  David Lee.  He's a great player.  Young and effective.  He could work well on the Bulls.  But, he plays for the Knicks.  He has cancer written all over him.  I'm pretty sure people think he's amazing because he's the best player on a crappy team.  If the Bulls can't sign a great low post shooter, then I guess I would be OKAY with David Lee.  But, until then, avoid him like the plague.  We don't need another disappointment in Chicago.  Plus, if he is signed, I'm pretty sure John Paxson would just give him an inflated contract which would make a mediocre situation worse.

So, in conclusion.  Chris Bosh+cheap/effective perimeter shooter/role player+Deng/Noah/Rose/Gibson=fanstastic team.  You do that for me Mr. Bulls Organization, I will have sleepless nights daydreaming of this upcoming season.

BTW, is it possible to get Anthony Morrow even if he just completed his rookie season with the Warriors? Because he is the exact type of player we need and would get lots of playing time.

Coaching situation and front office stuff:

Gar Forman (our fake G.M.) announced that they won't announce that Vinny is fired until the weekend.  But, since I'm a soothsayer and already know what's gonna happen, Vinny will be an assistant coach for the Iowa "generic highschool team name" next year and will be no longer with the Bulls organization. 

So, who will fit best with the Bulls?



My opinion?  Byron Scott.  He is a players coach; he works really well with spectacular point guards (see Chris Paul and Jason Kidd); has taken his teams to the NBA Finals; and is known for turning teams around.  Plus, hes a smart looking dude.  I don't really want to get into other coaching options.  He's the best.  He should be the choice.

Front office junk:



Fire Paxson.  Seriously.  He has had his chance with the organization and failed.  It's now time to hand the reigns over to someone else and let them try it out.  I don't want him to mess up this free agency (because there is a high probability that he will.  I mean, he set up the contracts for Deng and Hinrich for god's sake.)  I don't want him to hire Vinny Del Negro the second.  I don't want him to cause further harm to the Bulls franchise.  I will take back these words if he does the proper thing this offseason, but, I'm not sure if thats a risk I'm willing to take.

Firing Paxson/hiring Scott/landing Bosh+three point shooter/getting rid of Pargo=future Bulls championship. 

Just saying.  I look forward to all the speculation that's gonna take place over the next two months towards free agency and can't wait for the next season. (really...6 months til the next season?  Why?!)

Thoughts? Comments?  Rants?  

Happy Elimination day,


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