A plan to get Bosh and Joe Johnson

The Trade:
While joe johnson isnt deserving of being our teams sole pickup, but i think bosh is more than willing to sign here. We sign bosh outright, and immediately trade luol deng and maybe a future first rounder for joe johnson.

Why we do it:
We get  a real starting sg, even if he is an aging one, even if he is expected to decline very quickly, joe johnson works for at least 3 years, and while he may eventually join the list of bulls overpaid players, we would be exchanging another overpaid player (although nowhere near as much) for him. Depending on who we draft this could open up more options for us in the future as well, At pick 17 Damion james, xavier henry, and james anderson would all be available. Damion james would be a great stop gap at sf, while james anderson already has the athletic ability to swing between positions. If we are lucky enough to have xavier fall to us we can put joe johnson at sf here are the three possible lineups

Draft damion james
James Johnson/Damion James
Chris Bosh/Taj Gibson
Joakim/Brad (at the vet min)

Draft James Anderson:
Joe Johnson/hinrich/anderson
Jame Johnson/Anderson

Draft Xavier (favorite scenario)
Henry/hinrich/joe johnson
Joe johnson/james johnson

each scenario gives us a 9 deep team (at the least). In terms of salary, after signing bosh, the draft pick, and brad to teh vet min, the bulls wont have much to spend on making this roster better. Luol deng would be making 12 million next year, which coupled with whatever capspace we have left should allow us to be within 10% of joe johnson at a 16 million dollar contract. The bulls could just sign players at the min to fill out the roster afterwards (probably kurz and chris richards)

Why the hawks do it:
The hawks do this trade for a few reasons. They get back a good player and dont lose joe johnson for nothing, they get back a player at a position at which they need, the strengthen their defense and rebounding attributes, they save money and get a relatively shorter  contract. They desperately need a good sf in atlanta, and they have a starting caliber sg in jamal crawford, an idea they've been banking on in preparation for letting joe johnson go. consider this linep

josh smith/zaza

that is a very young and good team that the hawks can build on a bit for the future and battle in the east with.


Well thats my scenario....tweak, bash, compliment, or disregard however you wish to. I think For the bulls we solve all our offensive woes, and james johnson has shown great potential on the defensive end, despite blowing a few assignments. With rose, joe johnson, bosh, and noah on the floor at the same time, the final position would just have to be a decent defender to contribute. I think this would put us in line to win now, and young enough and good enough to win later.

(note: for any questions on 2010 salary cap go here its the most recent subject on the matter on this site, i think)

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