Here we go...The top 3 reasons why the Bulls will win Game 1 and make this a series....Uh maybe

1.) Lebron and Shaq may be rusty:

 Now that's not to say that a rusty Lebron still can't hang 40 on us, but there may be an opportunity for the Bulls to jump out early. Maybe it takes a minute for Lebron and Shaq to meld on the court seeing that they haven't played together much and maybe for their team to get into a rhythm since they haven't played together for a while.


2.) The Bulls are Playoff ready:

Let's face it; the Bulls have been playing playoff basketball for the last week. If they would've lost any of the last 3 games, they'd be watching the Raptors play the Cavs. Right now we have 3 players playing the best ball of their young careers in Rose, Noah, and Taj. Maybe just maybe the Bulls can capitalize on this and take it to the Cavs before they know what hit them. Also it would be really nice if both Luol Deng and Kirk Hinrich fell out the shower, hit their heads on the sink, and woke up thinking it was 2006 for the next 2 weeks.


3.) Matchups:

I actually think the Bulls match up better against the Cavs than almost any other team in the Eastern Conference playoffs. First of all, no one matches up with Lebron so let's skip him shall we? That being said, I do think our backcourt matches up well with theirs. I think Noah and Taj can hold their on with the likes of Anderson Varejao and Zydrunas Ilgauskas but Noah has to stay out of foul trouble which is a huge concern of mine. Of course there is Antwan Jamison who will be a load as well.  But the guy who worries me in this series is J.J. Hickson. This is the type of guy that comes out of no where in game 3, drops 22 pts, goes 4/4 from 3pt land and wins a close overtime game while Lebron and Jamison have off shooting nights. Also I think this is a series where VDN is going to have to let a kid like JJ play, none of this "veteran trumps rookie" crap because Pargo wasn't even in the league last year. JJ is a player that can get out and at least put a body on Lebron and guard a guy like JJ Hickson.

Look I'm pretty sure the Bulls will lose this series, maybe in 4 games, perhaps in 5 or 6. But if there was ever a chance to shock the world and beat a 1 seed this may be it. They have Lebron but we have an unstoppable force as well in Rose (mini Lebron) who may be better than even we realize and now has an opportunity to show the world. I do believe there is a chance for this Bulls team to make the Cavs sweat a little. To be honest as a team, in the sense of the word, I'm just not sure how good the Cavs really are. In the playoffs it's all about matchups. To my knowledge the last time the Bulls played a team in the playoffs that was this dependent on one player to lead them (plus Shaq ironically), it was the Miami Heat and to my recollection that turned out pretty well.

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