The Development of Rosestradamas

In all seriousness, I'm far from a eloquent writer. So hopefully I'll receive some assistance in bringing along this topic, which I think has some potential for great discussion.


Earlier in this season, none of us were satisfied with Rose's development. He was tentative, confused, and wasn't utilizing his ability to its full potential (with some of us going as far as declaring our hatred for him, hehe). But then, out of nowhere, (I believe it was Kobe who spurred him into gear?) Rose went on a tear. He started taking over at the end of games, while making it look easy in the process. He made a big push in Dec/Jan in his play, and it elevated him into All-Star status. And since then, he's been consistently brilliant.

Of course, there were other areas of Rose's game that we hoped would blossom. A great number of us doubted that Rose had the instinct, the mindset of people like Kobe and Lebron. Rose naturally liked to defer to his teammates, and he was just a shy kid from Chicago with great hooping skills. Personally, I believe this changed when Rose predicted that we would make the playoffs. Before then, Rose had never said anything that would put him out there, and make him susceptible to criticism. But Rose boldly declared that the Bulls would overcome all odds and make the playoffs, and I think that's something worth recognizing. We can now say he's shown the skills, AND the mindset of a #1 overall draft pick in the NBA.

For perspective's sake, let's compare Rose's second year numbers (total + when healthy) to some other PG's that Rose has to catch up to:


2nd Year Stats           PPG           APG           TS%            FTA             PER
CP3 17.3 8.9 0.537 5.6 22
D-Will 16.2 9.3 0.535 3.7 17.1
D-Rose 20.7 6 0.531 4.3 18.6
D-Rose (healthy) 22.7 6.2 0.55 4.8 21



I think we can safely say that Rose has potential to become one of the greatest scoring PG's of all time (I'm pretty young, so I don't really know who's up there...but for perspective, Isiah Thomas' best PER season was 22.2). I remember earlier in the season where Jennings > Rose points were common, and Rose was constantly being compared to Aaron Brooks.


So I'll let you interpret the stats as you wish. But the questions I pose to you are: How satisfied are you with Rose's development this year? What are you expecting for next season? Where do you think Rose's ceiling is?

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