Piggyback: 2010 Draft and Free Agency

I was reading the other post, and going thru the scenarios in my head.  And one thing kept coming up...  We're going to need a real 2, not just Hinrich, to be a TITLE contender.  So how can we try to keep a young nuclues and spend our free agent dollars wisely to get this done?

This was too long to add, that why I just started a new one..


Right now, we are on the verge of having the dream scenario happen IMO.  If we can fight back to make the 8th spot, and I say if because Boston still has something to play for.  That will be a tough game (will be rooting for BG and Pistons tonite)..

Anyway, if we make it in.  D.Rose and Noah get another taste of playoff ball, and both tastes will be against teams and vets that WANT/WANTED championships.  Great experience, I couldn't think of guys to go up against beginning your playoff career better than KG, Pierce, Allen, then the next year LeBron and Shaq.  Realistically, our best case scenario is to play hard, take them to 6 or 7 games, take the L.  Worst case, we get swept and look lost. 

I see it somewhere in the middle, a very respectable showing.  We go into the offseason looking like the franchise on the rise, we all thought we should be.  I've read estimates from $52 to $56 million for the 2010 Cap.  So I'll use $54 million as my cap number.  That means, we'll have $22.1 mil under the cap. 

Depending on how the rest of the playoffs went, we may have huge interest from Lebron.  He would be #1 priority, but I'll say he gets close enough with the Cavs to sign a 3 year deal to stay.  Wade will resign with the Heat and try to bring a PF with him.  That will leave Chris Bosh for us, he won't go be Flash's sidekick, when he can be a hero with a built in super sidekick in the unassuming D.Rose.  He watched from the sidelines disgusted at how his squad could piss away a sure shot at the playoffs, and had pain-med induced dreams of catching lobs from D.Rose during the playoffs.  We sign him for the max and a starting salary of $16.5 mil, and everyone rejoices.  Look what we got now:

PG D. Rose / ?

SG Hinrich / ?

SF Deng / J. Johnson

PF Bosh / Taj / Kurz

C Noah / Asik

That's a nice lineup, but not a title contender.  This is where my questioning came from.  What do u do with the rest of the $5.6 mil, we have left under the cap and in the draft to fill up the roster.  Just from 1st glance, I'd get another C (a banger or close to it), a back up PG, and a shooter SG.  *** I know that in REAL life, we wouldn't know what FA we got before the draft, but just play along ***

This is what I came up with:

First, in the draft I would try to trade down, pick up an early 2nd or late 1st.  Ideally, I see Memphis as a target.  They have 3 1st rounders (13, 26, and 29), I wouldn't mind taking 26 and 29 in exchange for our 18th and some cash or future considerations.  But for these purposes no trades, and at #18 I take, Dominique Jones.  I'm in Big East territory, so I've seen a lot of him, and he reminds me of Rodney Stuckey, but more explosive.  He'll be a solid combo guard in the league, and on our team can provide some of the same skills as D.Rose off the bench, maybe with a better stroke (rookie year comparison). 

With your free agent dollars, u go get Will Bynum and Ian Mahinmi.  Bynum is a much better version of Pargo, and can be had for 2 years at about $2-3 mil/yr, he made less than a mil this year.  Mahinmi would provide some quality backup C min, just in case Asik isn't ready yet.  Again, I can't see him costing more than like $2 - 3 mil, he's in the same boat as Bynum, he'll cost more becuz he's a big man but just add a year and give him 3 years at about $7-8mil/yr.

So now u have:

PG D.Rose / Bynum

SG Hinrich / Jones

SF Deng / Johnson

PF Bosh / Taj / Kurz

C Noah / Mahinmi / Asik

Still something missing from that 2 position, some certified 3 point shooting and a big body.  That's when u go to Golden St.  Who was about to lose Kelenna Azubike and Anthony Marrow thru free agency.  And since they resigned Raja Bell and have all their D-Leaguers, they really have no room for them, but don't want to lose them for nothing.  We work out a sign and trade for them sending Hinrich in exchange.  Perfect complement to their Curry, Ellis, and Bell threesome.  Sign both Marrow and Azubike to 4 year deals Marrow for about $12 mil, Azubike for about $15 mil.  They would be receiving huge raises in salary.  Both are taller guards who can shoot from 3 and defend. LOL Couldn't help it..

So we end up going into the 2010 season looking like this:

PG D.Rose / Bynum / Jones(rookie)

SG Azubike / Marrow

SF Deng / Johnson

PF Bosh / Taj / Kurz

C Noah / Mahinmi / Asik

That would be a lineup I would consider to be an Eastern Conference contender, if not legit title contender.  The plus side to this lineup is that the oldest player would be Bynum at 27.  Everyone else still has time to grow and get better. 


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